one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


5. The Park

*imagine for Jasmyn*

Imagine: your walking in the park and you sit down on the bench with your best friend Jamie. you guys are talking girl talk when you see a really hot guy with curly hair and green eyes. He walks over to you and introduces him self "hi I'm   harry who are you guys" with his husky british accent. " hey I'm Jasmyn and this is my friend Jamie" harry looks at you up and down you cant stand but to giggle. "what's so funny" he asked smiling at you and you could see his dimples. *DATE NIGHT* You and your friend Jamie go on double dates but you go with harry and Jamie goes with Niall. when you guys are at dinner you could tell that something fishy is going on because harry keeps making eye contact with Jamie later on you find out harry and Jamie were seeing each other behind your back so you go out with Niall to make harry jealous and it works and at the end harry begs to come back to you and you give him another chance and you guys end up getting married and having two kids a girl named Darcy and a boy named Timmy . and you guys lived happily ever after.


hope you like

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