one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


36. The day we met<3

*imagine for Grace*

imagine: " Babe do you remember the first day we met?" You ask your boyfriend zayn. " yeah the best day ever I was hanging out with my friends when I saw you working at the counter at Starbucks and my friends looked at me and said'go talk to her' so I listened I was a nervous wreck walking towards you I ordered a mocha and you slipped your number under my cup I looked back at you and smirked" you laugh at him " yeah I'm the one who slipped the number under the 5 dollar bill you gave me " you both start to laugh "I love you" zayn says leaning in. " I love you too" you guys kiss


hope you like

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