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Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


61. our Moment

Imagine For Natasha:
"Natasha your a very lucky girl!" zayn says sitting next to you on the couch. "Why do you say that?" you say curiously. "Because its going to be your 4th anniversary with Niall tomorrow" Liam says walking into the room. "yeah but its kinda hard when the boy you love has everything he wants in the world, how do i know what to get him?" you say stressed out. "I have a plan, Have you gave him the ultimate gift yet?" louis says putting his phone down. "what?" you say baffled. "Like you know your body" Louis replys with a wink. " Oh NO NO NO NO NO!" you say sitting up straight almost choking on your water. "What! why not?" Liam says. Before you can answer Zayn interrupts. "Oh you havwnt lost your V-Card yet?" zayn says with a smile. "Natasha thats not good you should i think Niall would enjoy it" Louis says pouring some yorkshire tea. "Well Niall and i are on the same page we believe marraige comes first" you say reasurring the boys with a smile. "Anywho Where is harry and Niall?" you say wondering. "um......"  all the boys say. "there out" zayn says. "Oh look at the time boys we gotta go bye Natasha!" louis says. The boys give you quick hugs and run out the door all you can think about was what the hell was happening.

Nialls POV:
"Harry which one help me!" i said looking at all the diffrent rings. "Does she like big?" Harry says. " I dont know!?!?" i said stressing. Then thats when i saw it 24 karrot diamend incrested ring it was P-E-R-F-E-C-T . "Hello may i have that one please" i said to they owner. "This must be a special lady that your buying this ring for?" she said with a smile. "Yes shes amazing Wonderful i Love Her shes perfect for me just like this ring im getting Her" i said grabbing the bag with the little black box inside. "Are you ready to do this lad?" Harry said unlocking my black range rover. " Ive waited a million years to find my princess and im positive i found her and her name is Natasha" i said with butterflys. I headed home and told harry to hide the ring at his house till tomorrow. 

Next Day (Anniversary)
Your POV
You wake up the next morning excited for the day. But theres one thing you cant get off your mind. You didnt get your boyfriend a gift. You look over to your side and find a little note on Nialls pillow. It Read: Hey babe happy anniversary! sorry im not here to tell you but jist getting things ready for our special night today. See you soon Love you! (:
You get up and start getting ready. You hear a knock on the door. You run downstairs and open the door to perry,Eleanor,and sophia. "hey ladies " you say letting them in. "so what brings you here?" you say turning on the hot water for tea. "were here to get you ready for your special night, Happy anniversary Natasha Lets go and get you ready!!" the girls said. They werw making a mes  in my xloset. Eleanor picked out with a sweetheart neck line and strapless. Perry picked.out black stilettos and Sophia picked out a.beautiful blaxk necklace with matching earings ."are you sure this isnt too much?" i said looking at my self in the stuff the . " not at all!" 

The Special Moment 
You amd niall are at a fancy restaurant in Dublin. "Babe i need to tell you something forgive me but i didnt get you a gif-" you say but then get interrupted. "sshh this is Our Moment love dont ruin it. iys alright its my turn to give my gift" Niall says.rubbing your hand. He gets up and clears his throaght he kneels down in front of you. Your heaet starts to poud in your chest. Niall with you. " Natasha i love you and i want to be with you forever and i want to cherish this moment and my entire life with you, You princess , Will You Marry Me Natasha?" niall says pulling out the ring. People around you start clapping. you look up and see the table all the way in the corner were the rest of the boys are with there cameras. " YES I WILL NIALL JAMES HORAN!"
I like it 
P.S. Sorry i took so long 

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