one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


26. One night stand into perfection

*Imagine for Fabz*

imagine: your in the crowd at a one direction concert having fun and jumping up and down enjoying being in the front row. Rock me is playing zayn catches your eye and winks at you during the whole song you get in line after the concert and wait to meet and greet one direction your third in line when zayn spots you he signals you to his dressing room he distracts the security and you run to his room. He walks in and looks at you. You smile " hey beautiful what's your name" you blush " you can call me Fabz" you say in a sassy tone he locks the door and looks at you and you smile like an idiot. He grabs you by the waist and sits down on the couch and you put one leg on one side and the other one on the right. He starts to run his hands down your back you get the chills down your spine he smiles and starts to kiss you behind your cheek to your jawline a moan escapes your lips he laughs while still making his way to your neck. You feel him get hard you put your hands in his pants and play with him he starts to groan you feel him cum in your hands you pull your hand out and lick it clean. He pulls your shirt off and bra he grabs you boobs hard he kisses you and you moan against his lips he smiles. You pull his shirt off and he helps you take off his pants he pulls yours down to you both are now in briefs and underwear  " your a professional Fabz " zayn says pulling down yours   You take his off and he shoves in you fast and hard your screaming his name and he groans he cums in you and falls be side you on the couch and smiles and kisses you.  *5 years later * zayn and you moved into a house in Bradford and ended up with 2 kids and a girl and boy you guys end up happily married and maybe thinking of having another kid;)


hope you like it's not really my thing but since you asked for it here you go

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