one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


46. Husna

*imagine for Husna*

imagine: " Niall stop it" you say a he has you on his shoulder. " what's wrong babe you have stage fright" Niall says walking towards the stage. " no Niall the fans don't like me please put me down Niall" you beg him. he runs faster on two the stage the crowed filled with directioners scream. Niall grabs a mic and he puts you down you so scared at this point your not sure what Niall's going to do. " hello everybody how are you tonight" the crowd goes wild. the first tweet they answer was to kiss there girlfriends you look at Niall while he smirks at you. he grabs you by the waist and kisses you passionately. After all it wasn't as bad as you thought it was.


hope you like

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