one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


7. Hurt :(

*Imagine for Marissa*

Imagine: your hanging out with your boyfriend Harry at his flat. You guys start to argue about a text message that you get from your best friend Joe saying he loves you and misses you. Harry gets really mad and starts to clunch  his fist. " Harry he didn't mean it like that please believe me" you beg him to. " this has happen to me before Marissa how I'm I so suppose to believe you other girls have down that to me." he said yelling at you. "I'm not those other girls harry especially the ones you go out at night yes I know about them " you say starting to cry. he looked angry he got red and punched the wall then grabbed a vase and through it at your arm*splattered * hit your arm it started to bleed and you cried more and more harry looked at you and started to cry he ran to the kitchen and grabbed paper towels and tried to wipe the blood away you screamed in pain he hugged you " I'm so sorry Marissa I really I'm I love you" he said holding you " I love you to I'm sorry just take me to a hospital" he kissed you and you guys went to the hospital and came back home with your arm wrapped up and happy again.


hope you like

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