one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


48. Honeymoon

*Imagine for Bryanna*

You and your husband had just got home after being married, you were both hyped and changed into some nice clothes to go on your honeymoon. You wore a tight-fitting blue dress and he wore a shirt and jeans. "I love you Louis" you said standing on your tip-toes to kiss his nose. "I love you too poppet" he said. *4 hours later* "Here we are, Greece" he said looking into the night sky and leaning back to kiss you passionately. "are you sure you want to do this Mrs. Tomlinson?" he asked raising his eyebrows at you "I'm sure honey" you said as you grabbed his hand and took him to the hotel's Bridal Suite. You both fell on the four poster bed laughing, you looked into each other's eyes and both clouded with lust. You swallowed a blush rising as you realised how big his erection was. He noticed your gaze and chuckled quietly as you bushed even redder. "It's all yours babe" he said with a cheeky grin. He undid your dress and pulled down your panties. "Your beautiful, and so, wet. I never knew you wanted me this much!" he said, his eyes looking all over you making you feel very hot and tingly. "but it doesn't seem right that only one of us is naked" soon both of you were. He was on top of you kissing down your jaw and shoulders as you groaned at his touch. "May I..." he said as he looked at you. You gave a small nod. Slowly, carefully he entered you, making sure not to hurt you, you gasped. "Are you ok?" he asked a frown creasing forehead, "I'm fine, just, you're so big!" you exclaimed as he pushed into you further. "Faster" you managed to say. You ran your fingers through his hair and down his back in pleasure. He kept going harder and faster until knots formed in the pit of your stomach "Lou, LOU I'M GONNA CUM!" you screamed as the knots got more intense. "Me too babe, if you can hold it for just a bit longer we'll cum at the same time, ok?" You bit your lip and nodded as you tried to hold back. "Lou, I can't hold it any more!" You said as you felt him get sloppier inside you. "3...2..1...CUM!!!" He shouted as you found your release at the same time as he did, both of you moaning in pleasure and exhaustion. He rested his head on your chest as you both caught your breath. He pulled out, making you feel somewhat empty without him inside you. "I love you" you whispered, out of breath. "I love you too Bryanna" .




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