one direction imagines

Leave your comment below if you want an imagine all you need to do is give me your name guy from 1d and a mini plot if you still don't get it look at first chapter thanks:)<3xx


14. Eating with Niall

*Imagine for Orla"

Imagine: you and your boyfriend Niall are sitting in the lounge room watching tv. "pass me the popcorn." Niall says pocking you on the rib you giggle a little. " sure why not" you say playing around "pass me the fondue while your at it babe" he says you pass them both " eeewww popcorn fondue" you say pointing your finger at your mouth " I dare you to try it" he says passing you the bowl of melted chocolate and a popcorn on  a stick " only if you do it first" I said in a sassy way " fine" he put it in his mouth after swallowing it he smiled "mmmmhhh your turn" he said with an evil grin " fine" you put it in your mouthand you almost vomit " eeeww gross" you guys start to laugh and end up doing dares all night.


hope you like

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