Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


5. Stupid feelings


"So that's it? You just left him there??" Nicole asks standing in front of me at my house. I nod slowly. "Well, it didn't really happen that way. First, he said "this is the first time I've been rejected" which made him sound like a player and i got kinda upset and told him to go find a supermodel or go back to Selena.." I explain. Nicole's eyes widen. "You said that?? Oh great, that's just great!" She sat down on my bed. 

"What?" I ask. 

"You left him and now he's gone which means he'll be gone forever and you guys will never be!" She exasperated. I slightly laugh. "He won't be gone forever. He'll be back next year and...i guess it just wasn't meant to be." I say looking at my hands. 

"But it IS! You two are meant to be!" "Nicole stop. This isn't a fairy tale. Things like that just don't happen. Justin is gone now and he is NOT coming back." I get up and walk out of my room to the kitchen. I fill my glass of water up and take a sip. I hear Nicole walk into the living room and shuffle through something. She comes into the kitchen with a magazine in her hand. 

"What's that? PEOPLE magazine?" I ask. She nods. "Look at page 24." I grab it and turn to the page and it's an article. Of me and Justin....

"What? How did this happen?" I start reading it. There are pictures of me and Justin laughing and hanging out downtown.

I read some of the article:

Does Justin Bieber have a new girlfriend?? Looks like the two had a good time walking around downtown Denver!  

I put the article down. "Paparazzi..." I mutter. 

"What's going to happen now?? Everyone at school is going to MOB me!" 

"Don't worry...no one reads PEOPLE. At least in high school. Maybe a few will ask you about it but not very many. Besides, it's summer. We still have like 3 weeks until school starts." I nod. "AND Justin's been gone a week, The magazine JUST came out. No one will realize it's you." Nicole took a breath from not breathing. 

 I sigh. 

My parents were at work so it's me and Nicole. 

"Kailey," Nicole looks at me. I look at her. "tell me how you reall feel. I know you feel something." 

I sigh again. "It's just...what IF i don't see Justin again? He hasn't even texted me. I feel so stupid for letting him go.." 

Nicole brought me over to the couch and sat down. "Well, YOU could always text HIM. I'm sure something will happen.He's mentioned you in tweets." 


"Well, not your NAME but look.." She took out my phone and got on twitter. 

"Read his tweets from last week." I grab my phone and read them:

Denver was awesome! Great crowd! Gonna miss it. 

Kinda messed up before i left Denver. Sorry. 

Can't wait to go back to Denver...great food...

I groan. "What am i going to do??" I ask desperately. 

Nicole pats my back as i think. Probably too much. 

Justin's POV: 3 weeks later

"What are you doing?" I look up and Fredo was standing in front of me. I was on my laptop. "Looking at Kailey's tweets and pictures. I miss her." He sits down next to me. "You should text her then." I shrug. "I don't know, man. Things are messed up right now and i don't know how to fix them." 

I heard him sigh. I close my laptop and get up and grab my phone. "What are you doing?" Fredo asks. "I've got to talk to Scooter. I can't stand having things messed up with Kailey. I'm not gonna lose her." 

Kailey's POV: 4 days later

I get home from school and feel my phone buzz. I slide it open and see Justin tweeted:

Gotta surprise for a special fan today

I click my phone off and throw my bag on my bed. 

"Hi honey." I hear my mom greet me. 

"Hey." I reply. "How was school?" I shrug. "School." 

"Are you still upset about the whole Justin thing?" 

"Mom...you don't understand what this feels like." I say. "Sure i do." She replies. 

I turn toward her. "Oh really? Have you met a celebrity, hung out with them, fall for them, and then they just leave you with the feeling they may never be back again?" She looks at me in surprise. 

"That's what i thought." I say and slam my door shut. 

The next morning, Nicole texts me telling me to meet her in the auditorium before school. 

Why? I text back.

Please just come

Ok I reply and head out saying goodbye to my parents. 

Once I find a parking spot, I get out and walk into the school and walk toward the auditorium. I notice more people are staring at me than usual. I shrug it off and open the door to the auditorium. 

"Hey best frannn!!" Nicole hugs me. I laugh. "Why so happy?" I ask. "Oh no reason..." She smiles. "Ok.." I say unconvinced. 

"Come here." She grabs my hand and leads me to the front row of seats. "What?" I ask. "Uh, turn around." I turn toward her. "What's this about?" I ask her. "Um...I just wanted to know if....my hair looks ok!" I look at her. "Yes. It does. Now what's going on? You've been acting weird. You better tell me what's....what?" I ask looking at her. Her facial expression was kinda surprised. She points her finger to the stage with a smile and i turn around and see Justin standing there looking at me. 

My mouth opens a little in shock. 

"Justin..? What are you doing here?" I ask. He walks to the end of the stage and i walk toward him. 

"I had to come see you again. I hated the way we left things and I'm sorry." I shook my head. "No it's my fault. I shouldn't have overreacted." 

"Ok..it's both of our faults." He laughs a little. I laugh too. He puts his hand out and i grab it. He pulls me up onstage. 

He grabs my hands and looks at me. 

"So..why did you REALLY come back?" I ask. He sighs. "I-I didn't want to lose you.." I look at him. "I really like you Kailey. seriously. And I would NEVER date you just to get good views from media." 

"You won't lose me again Justin." I tell him. His face lightens up a bit. "So..will you be my girlfriend?" He asks again. I think for a second. By saying yes, I'm setting myself up for hate, paparazzi mobbing me, my whole entire school mobbing me....eh it's worth it. 

"Yes." I smile. He smiles and hugs me. He lifts my chin to kiss me but i back away slightly. "Don't worry. I'll treat you right sweetheart." He kisses me softly. 

A/N: Sorry it's short! School has been crazy! I'll update asap i promise! xx

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