Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


7. Revealing the secret

A/N: I'm sorry I haven't updated in forever! It's been quite crazy with graduation and family in town and all that :P but now I should be able to update more when I'm not working! 

Enjoy! <3

"Kailey are you and Justin Bieber dating??"
"So you and Bieber huh?"
"I've seen you in magazines with Justin! Tell us the truth!"
"Are you dating Justin Bieber?!" 

So. Many. Questions. everyone at school won't stop asking me questions! But I can't tell them me and Justin ARE dating! Ugh. 

It's been a month since Justin and I started dating and since he left for tour and the first few weeks went pretty well until People magazine came out with the pictures of me and Justin in the hot tub the day we met. Now, everyone won't stop asking me if we're dating. 

Nicole grabs my arm and pulls me out of the crowd gathered around me. 

"Break it up, break it up!" Nicole yells.She pulls me out of the crowd. "Thanks." I say. "When can you tell them you ARE dating Justin?" She asks. I shrug. "I don't know. I'll have to ask Justin." She nods. "Well, let's go home. Get you out of this mess." 


"I don't know. I'll have to ask Scooter." Justin says. "It's just...it's been so crazy at school. Everyone keeps asking if we're dating and i can't stand it."  

I switch my phone to the other ear. "I'll talk to him ok?" Justin says. I nod. "Ok. Well, i miss you." "I miss you too babe. Only 3 more months." "It seems so far..." I whined. I hear Justin slightly laugh. "It'll go fast i promise." I sigh. "I hope so." "Look babe. I gotta go. Talk to you tomorrow ok?" "Alright. Goodnight." "Night my princess." I smile and hang up. 

I let out a groan and fall on my bed looking at the ceiling. 

"You alright honey?" My mom asks standing in my doorway. "I'm fine. Just the stresses of dating the most famous celebrity in the world and keeping the secret." I say in a sarcastic tone. My mom smiles a little and walks in sitting on my bed. 

"I know it's hard keeping the secret but do really want the whole world to know you're dating?" 

I shrug. "That's the thing. I want to tell everyone, but I'm worried everyone will start to treat me different. I mean, even MORE different than they do now." 

"I guess it's up to you sweetie, But just know, your dad and i are always here." She kisses my forehead and leaves. 

"Thanks mom." I smile. 

A week later:

"Make sure to watch my interview on Jimmy Fallon tonight at 10 ok?" Justin tells me over Skype. I nod. "Ok i will. Is it about what i think it's about?" I smirk. "Maybe..." He winks. "I'm  making sure he asks about my love life. This is how Scooter wants people to find out about us instead of what i did with Selena. Because that didn't go very well. I want my fans to know you know? I mean, YOU'RE a fan. You'd want to know if i was dating someone right? If it wasn't you." Justin looks at me. "Yes. I think this is the best way. The way we found out about you and Selena wasn't very good." 

"Which is why i want to be upfront about it and you do too." He says. I nod. "Exactly." 

We hung up and i went to get changed to go get some dinner with Nicole and my other best friend Rachel. She goes to a different school so i didn't see her very often. We drove to Olive Garden and just talked. And laughed. I got a few stares from people that were probably wondering if i was dating Justin Bieber. ugh. 

Back at home, we turn on the tv a few minutes before 10 and wait for Jimmy Fallon. 

I go into the kitchen to get a soda when Rachel yells, "IT'S ON!! KAILEY GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!!"

I laugh and run into the living room landing on top of them. They make an uff sound and we watch the tv. 

"We have a lot planned tonight. Justin Bieber is here." He says and girls scream. "So, let's bring him out here!" Boyfriend starts playing and Justin walks out smiling and waving. My heart skips a beat when i saw him. 

He sits down and Jimmy just looks at him. 

"What?" Justin laughs. "Oh nothing. It's great to see ya man! How've you been??" Jimmy asks. 

"I've been good man. How about you?" "Good. Good.." Awkward silence which makes everyone laugh. 

(I'm not gonna give the whole interview cause lazy lol)

"So...I've seen these pictures of you and this cute girl lately. Wanna tell us about her?" He asks. Justin looks at the board with the pictures of us. He smiles. "Well, her name is, uh Kailey. And I met her when I was in Denver a month or so ago.." He trails off. 

"And..?" Jimmy makes a "more" gesture with his hand. 

"And...we're pretty close." Justin smiles again. The audience aww's and ooo's. 

"How close? Like best friend close or...relationship close?" He makes a face at Justin. "Give us the truth now JB. C'mon." 

"Um...relationship close.." Justin says kinda quietly. 

"Oooo! Justin has a girlfriend! Justin has a girlfriend! Sorry ladies, looks like JB has gotten his heart stolen by this beautiful young lady." He put a picture of me on the screen. I start to blush. 

"How'd they get that??" I ask in surprise. I sent that to Justin when i got a new outfit! 

"Justin probably gave it to him." Nicole smirks. "Nicole! YOU gave it to Justin!" I hit her arm. 

"They wanted a picture!" 

"How old is she?" Jimmy asks Justin. 

"18." "So not much younger. She looks a lot younger than she is. I thought she was 16." 

"Yea she looks younger but she's 18." Justin slightly laughs and smiles looking at my pic again. 

"You look quite happy though. I like seeing you happy. I think we all do right?" He asks the audience. They scream. 

"Thanks. I am happy." 

"Well, i'm glad." "Thank you." "She's very pretty too." Justin looks down at his hands with a big smile which made me smile. "She is." 

Rachel nudges me and i smile again. 

"Well, thanks Justin for coming on! Up next LMFAO is going to perform!" 

We turn off the tv and i sit back and smile. 

"Well, now it's official to the whole world. You're going to be the most popular girl ever." Nicole says. "I know. It's gonna be different but it's whatever. I'm with Justin and that's all that matters." I smile looking at my hands. 

A/N: Hope you enjoyed! :P xoxo

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