Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


2. Dream or reality?


Justin Bieber. 
Justin Bieber was standing in front of us.
How was this possible?
We haven't even tried to look for him! Oh well. The point is he is standing in front of me and I haven't said anything. 

"Hey. You girls look kind of lost." Justin says laughing a little. I look at the map in my hand and laugh. 

"Oh we aren't. But how would YOU know? You don't live here." I smirk. Wow. Talking to him was a lot easier than I thought. 

Justin laughs. "You were looking at me for awhile. Thought maybe, I should come over and say hey." 

"Yea, we were looking over where you were. That's because, uh...Journey's is my favorite shoe store." I lie. Nice one Kailey. Justin looks behind him to make sure it was Journey's. He nods. "Nice. I see by your shoes. Nice shoes by the way." He smiles. "Thanks." I try not to blush but that fails. I mean, Justin BIEBER just complimented me. Why wouldn't I blush? 

"So, uh, what's your names?" He asks. I shake my head. "Oh I'm Kailey. This is my friend Nicole." We shake hands. I ignore the flutter of my heart when we touch. 

"Nice to meet you girls. You seem pretty cool." Justin says. We smile. Kenny comes up to Justin. "Justin, we should get going.." He trails off when he sees us. "Who are these pretty ladies?" He smiles. "This is Kailey and Nicole." Justin gestures to us. 

"Nice to meet you. We should go before any other fans see you." Kenny says. "Alright in a second. Do you want to hang out? For a little while?" He asks. I look at Nicole in surprise. Justin just invited us to HANG OUT with him. Is this a dream?? I hope not. 

"Sure." I smile. "Sweet. Let's go. Maybe you guys can show us a little more of down town." He said. Kenny sighs. "You know Scooter won't be happy about this Justin. He doesn't like it when you bring fans with you without him knowing." "He'll be fine. Besides, they're older. Now like the younger fans i meet. How old are you girls anyway?" He asks. "18." "See? They're older. Not 13." Kenny rolls his eyes. 

"So, where's the best place to get lunch around here?" Justin asks us. I look at Nicole. "I think...Larkburger is pretty fantastic." Nicole says. "Larkburger? What kind of place is that?" Justin asks jokingly. "It has awesome hamburgers." I say smiling. Justin stands there. I roll my eyes and pull his arm. "C'mon. Don't be a chicken." I laugh. 

"I am NOT a chicken. Let's go." He starts walking. 

Believe it or not, talking to Justin is easy as breathing. It's crazy how much a fan can love him, but when you meet him and get to know him, your whole perspective changes. I don't or have i ever seen Justin as "Justin Bieber the biggest popstar on earth!" I've always seen him as Justin the kid from Canada. And that's who he is. 

Once we've ordered our food, I notice people looking at me and Justin. They probably think I'm his new girlfriend or something. 
A young man brings out our food and I watch as Justin takes his first bite. "So? What do you think?" I ask. He chews and swallows. 

"It's gross." He says seriously. I make a straight face. "Just kidding! It's actually really good. Good choice." He smiles and takes another bite. "See? We're good at making food choices." Nicole says matter of factually. Justin laughs. "So what were you doing down here anyway? Stalking me?" He asks. "No of course not. We were...shopping." I say awkwardly. "Uh huh.." He looks at me. He is so much more beautiful in person, let me tell you. His eyes are...amazing. His smile is..to die for.

"Ok, you got us. We were looking for you. I'm a big fan or BELIEBER. But stalking you would be weird." 

"Well you didn't have to look for very long." He gestures toward himself. I laugh. "Nope. We didn't." "Do you have tickets for tomorrow night?" I nod. "I do. Nicole doesn't though." "Why not?" "Because I'm not a huge fan. No offense." She says. "None taken. Where are your seats?" 

I have to look at my ticket. I take it out. "Section 106 row 11." I tell him. "Aw those suck! Let me give you better ones when I see Scooter." "Oh no, Justin, you don't have to-" "I want to." He says looking at me. "Oh-oh ok." I stutter

After we're done eating, we go back out in the heat and walk around some more. Justin making me laugh and I make him laugh. As we walk around down town, occasionally, a few fans will come up and ask for a picture or autograph. Me and Nicole just step aside and watch. Around 7, we follow Kenny and Justin and end up at Four Seasons. "I told you this is where he would stay!" I yell-whisper to Nicole. She rolls her eyes. 

"What are we doing here Justin?" I ask him. "We always have a team dinner wherever we are. So we're going up and getting the team. You can come if you want." He offers. I looked at Nicole. She shrugs. "I don't care." I nod. We follow Justin and when we almost get to the front entrance, I see fans outside the hotel. I stop Justin. He looks at me. "What if those fans see us? What will they think?" He holds my hand and squeezes it. My heart starts to race. "Don't worry. I'll protect you." He whispers. I nod. 

We walk up to the door and fans go nuts. 

"Who's that?!"
"Who's the girl??"

Justin stops and waves at them and they scream. Kenny opens the door for us and we walk in. People at the front desk look at me and Nicole. 

"Excuse me, but fans are not allowed in the hotel unless they are guests." One of the hotel employees say. 

"They're with me." Justin says. They nod. We get to the elevators and wait for it to arrive. I notice Justin is still holding my hand. I don't say anything because, I kind of like it. I look at Nicole and she sees our hands and she smirks. I mouth, "shut up!" to her. She just laughs. When the elevator arrives, Justin lets go of my hand and get in. 

The door closes and i see Justin's face go kind of pale. "I thought you didn't like elevators?" I questioned. He shook his head. "I don't." "Then why did we get on one?" I slightly laugh. "Because it's faster since we're on the 14th floor." I nod. 

When the elevator stops, Justin gets out right away and takes a deep breath. Nicole and i start to laugh. "Shut up!" Justin says all defensive. "I'm sorry it's just the way you booked it out of there was kinda funny." I say smiling. Justin quickly came over to me and i ran away. He chased me and since i'm not a fast runner, he caught me and grabs my waist which made me squeal because I'm VERY ticklish. Justin stops and looks at me with mischievous eyes. 

"You're ticklish.." He stated. I shook my head. "No. No I'm not." Nicole starts laughing. "Yes you are! You're SO ticklish!" I look at Nicole with wide eyes. She just looks at me like, "He would've found out anyway." look. 

Justin then begins to poke my sides and i jump and squeal. He laughs. "This is VERY entertaining and funny!" And he continues to tickle me. 

"Stop! Justin stop!" I laugh. 

"Alright, let's just get to the room." Kenny says. Justin stops but is still laughing. I glare at him. 

We get to his room and walk in. I see, Dan, Scooter, Allison, Ryan, and Scrappy. They all look at us when we walk in. 

"Who are these lovely girls?" Ryan asks walking closer. "Yes..who are they?" Allison asks as well. I hang back with Nicole. If it's hard to believe, I'm kind of shy when i first meet people. I mean, I'm not that shy with Justin anymore because we've hung out the whole day, but i'm meeting his TEAM. What if they don't like me? Why would it matter though..? After today I probably won't see Justin again.

"This is Nicole and this is Kailey. Meet Allison, Ryan, Dan and Scrappy." Justin gestures to them. Scooter clears his throat and walks closer. He looks kinda upset. 

"And this is Scooter.." Justin says hesitantly. 

"Nice to meet you girls. Where did Justin pick you up from?" Ryan jokes. I laugh awkwardly. "We actually kind of ran into him" I tell them. He nods. 

"Justin didn't MAKE you come here did he?" Allison asks. "Hey! I would NEVER make a girl come with me anywhere!" Justin says defensively. Nicole and i laugh. "No he didn't. We've actually been hanging out all day." Nicole says. 

"Really? All day?" Scooter asks looking at Kenny who nods his head. "They have. They met around 11 this morning and have been hanging out ever since." 

Scooter walks around us looking at us. "Tell me girls, are you from Colorado?" We nod. "Are you fans?" I nod. "I am. I have been since 2009. Nicole isn't much of a fan though. She just came today for me." I tell him. He nods. 

"Aw c'mon Scooter," Justin complains. "I think it's safe to say they aren't to get me for my money or fame." 

I now realized why Scooter and the rest of his team are so protective of girls who Justin hangs out with. "I assure you, I am NOT here to take his money or get famous. I actually want to be famous for acting one day." I tell them. 

"Oh you want to be an actress?" Allison asks. I nod. "Ever since i was little." 

"Well you two seem like nice girls. And Justin wouldn't hang out with people he thinks would take advantage of him. So you must be good." Dan speaks up. "Thanks. I think?" I laugh. 

"Well we are about to go to dinner if you want to join us." Ryan offers. I look at Nicole then Justin who was looking at me. "Actually, we had a big lunch, I'm not that hungry. We can stay here and hang out if you want. Maybe go swimming." Justin suggests. I shrug. "I'm up for anything." "Me too." Nicole says. 

"Ok..well we're off to dinner! See you in a bit. And don't go outside Justin, since Kenny will be with us." Scooter says. "I know i know." Justin rolls his eyes. They leave and Justin sits on the couch. 

"Don't be shy. Come sit." He says. We laugh and sit down. "So what do you wanna do? Watch a movie? Go swimming?" 

"I'm up for swimming. It's quite hot." I say. Justin nods in agreement. "Did you bring swim suits?" He asks. We nod. "We are planned for everything haha." 

We go change while Justin changes in his room. When we're done Justin has 3 towels. I grab one for Nicole then me. We head down to the pool without getting noticed by fans. The pool was outside and the sun was setting. 

I took the towel off and revealed a two piece light purple suit. Again, i don't wear bikini's. Nicole doesn't either. I see Justin drop his towel to reveal his abs. Oh god...

His body up close is a lot hotter then in pictures let me tell you. Even Nicole looked for a few seconds. 

"Holy crap.." I say quietly to her. She laughs and jumps in the pool. 

I go to the edge. "Is it cold?" She shakes her head. "It's nice." I stick my toes in when i feel hands on my back and i fall into the pool. I come up and wipe my face. I see Justin laughing. "Justin!" I yell at him laughing. I splash him. He runs and jumps in. 

He comes up and smiles at me. "What?" I laugh. "Nothing. You just look...wet." He looks away. 

He probably was going to say, You just look so beautiful  

Yea right.

I swim across the pool and stand on a little ledge that was in the pool. I saw Justin get out and walk over to the slide that was over at the deep in. He sat down and went down it making a splash. "You should go down it!" He says. I shake my head. "I'm good." 

"C'mon! It's fun!" He swims over and stands next to me. "Do it." He says. I shake my head. He pokes my sides and i squeal. "Do it!" "No!" I squeal as he keeps tickling me. "Go down the slide!" "No!" "Yes!" "No!" Yes!" "Fine!" I swim away from him and get out of the pool and walk to the slide. I walk up the steps and sit down. I slide down and scream when i land, not in the pool but in Justin's arms. I look at him and smile. "I got you." He smiles. I giggle. He lets me down and i see Nicole out of the pool. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "I'm going to get changed. The chlorine is....drying out my skin. You two have fun." She says. I narrow my eyes at her. 

She walks inside the hotel and i see Justin get in the hot tub. The sun is almost down and the sky is a red pink. Very pretty. 

"Come in here. It feels nice." I swim over to the edge of the hot tub and ease myself in. "It does feel amazing after walking all day." He nods. 

Ryan's POV: 

The team and i get back from dinner and i see two people in the hot tub by the pool. I take a closer look and i notice it's Justin and Kailey. I smile slightly. I watch them talk. "You notice it too?" I look beside me and Nicole is standing next to me. "Yea. He really likes her already." I say. She nods. "I can tell Kailey likes him. And not the "like" she's had for the past 3 years. The REAL "Like" that happens when she starts to have a crush on someone." 

"Yea i can tell he likes her just because he's never brought a fan with him. I mean, he's met fans and thought they're pretty but he's never acted this way before. Besides, the way he was looking at her in the hotel. It's obvious." She nods. "But what happens when you guys have to leave? What will happen with them?" Nicole asks looking at Kailey and Justin laughing. 

"I don't know. I don't know.." 

Kailey's POV:

"That's awesome!" I say. "Yea it was pretty cool." Justin replies. Our laughing dies down when we watch the sun set. Justin moves closer. "Did you have fun today?" Justin asks me. "Yea. I had a lot of fun. You're not that bad of a guy, Bieber." I joke. He laughs. "I'm glad. I had fun too. I've never met a fan like you before." I look at him. "Really?" He shakes his head. "Nope. All of them are either like 13 or 14 or  can't stop crying. It's nice to finally meet a fan that is older and doesn't freak out. AND that treats me like..me." I look down at my hands. "Well I'm glad." I say. He sighs. "What's wrong?" I ask him. "It's nothing." He looks over by a fence and i see a person with a camera. 'Stupid paparazzi.." He says quietly. I grab this hand and move to the other side of the hot tub so the paparazzi couldn't see us. He looked at me. But i could see the pain in his eyes. 

"You don't understand what it's like to ALWAYS be in the spotlight! I just wish I can be normal for one day without paparazzi on my back.." Justin confesses. "I may not be able to relate to you so much, but I CAN help you at least feel like a normal teenager." I told Justin. He looks at me. "You think all your girlfriends will be able to relate to you like Selena? Well they can't. I won't be able to, but since I'm NOT a celebrity, i know what it's like to be normal. I've never been in the spotlight. I'm not popular at school, and I'm defiantly NOT perfect." I say. "And that's why you'd be a great girlfriend.." He says quietly. "What?" "That's EXACTLY why I like you so much. You know what it's like to be normal,to not be a celeb. I've never liked a fan before...and now i know why i should date one." I look at him. "Because being a normal teenager is what i want. And you have that."

I look away and Justin pulls my chin toward him so our lips were only an inch apart. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. 

He leaned forward. "Hey guys! What's up?!" We pull away awkwardly and see Ryan waving at us. We wave at him awkwardly. 

What just happened?

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