Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


9. Christmas, New Years, etc.

Christmas Day:

My eyes flutter open and look at my phone right away. It reads 8:18. Ugh. It's so earlyyyyy. Wait. It's Christmas. It's Christmas morning. I got out of bed and look out my window and snow is falling lightly. It's white Christmas! I go back to my phone and see Justin texted me 10 minutes ago.

Merry Christmas my beautiful princess! I hope you have an amazing day with your family. Say hi to them for me! I'll call you later! :)

I smile and text back:

Merry Christmas to you too! Tell your family merry Xmas for me! Can't wait to talk to you! :)

I slip on my purple slippers and head downstairs where I started to smell bacon and...pancakes? I come around the corner and my dad is flipping pancakes and my mom is putting bacon on a plate. 

"Merry Christmas sweetheart." My mom smiles. "Merry Christmas to you too." I smile back and take a piece of bacon. Yum. It's crispy. My dad hugs me. 

We sit down and eat our breakfast. 


I open my final gift and it doesn't say who it's from. My parents smile at each other. "It must be from Santa.." My mom says. I roll my eyes. "Yea, ok." I say sarcastically. 

It's a little black box when i take off the wrapping paper. I open the black box and inside it, laying on top is a beautiful necklace shaped as a heart. And it was made of diamonds. I gasp and cover my mouth. 


"Oh my gosh, it's beautiful. Which one of you bought it?" I ask. They look at each other and shrug. "Not me. Must've been Santa." 

I took it out and put it on. 

"It's beautiful honey." My mom smiles. At then i realize, they know who bought this for me. I smile to myself as I get up and grab my phone. 

"Justin.." I whisper under my breath. 

I call him and when he answers I hear screams and laughing. "Hello? Oh hey Kailey!" Justin answers. 

I laugh, "Hey. What's going on over there?" I ask. "Just Jaxon and Jazzy opening gifts. What's up? Merry Christmas by the way." I felt him smile. "Merry Christmas to you too. So I opened my last gift and it happened to not have a name on it and it happened to be a very beautiful diamond necklace shaped as a heart.." I look at the necklace. "do you know who HAPPENED to get that for me?" I ask with a smirk on my face. 

"No...but I bet whoever got you it likes you A LOT.." He lied. I laugh a little. "I KNOW it was you, Justin! Don't lie." "Ok fine, it WAS me you got me. But i saw it in a window at a jewelry store here and i HAD to get it for you. Your parents agreed to not put a name on it and save it for last for you to open." He tells me.  

"Very clever, Bieber." I say with a smirk. "Thank you, thank you very much." He tries to impersonate Elvis. I laugh. "Well I gotta go, talk to you later." I say. "Alright, bye baby." We hang up and i go and get ready for our Christmas day party/dinner. 


After the party, I feel my phone vibrate. I take it out of my pocket and see Justin has tweeted a few times:

Merry Christmas everyone :)

I hope everyone is having a great Christmas with friends and family. #MuchLove

I go on Twitter for a minute and look at the trends. My eyes get wide. The number one trend in the world is:

I smile and decide to tweet:

I saw the trend. That's very sweet of you guys :) you are the best! #MerryChristmasBeliebers 

It's been a good Christmas. One of the best. And that's NOT because of Justin. Ok, maybe a LITTLE. Ok...A LOT. But I can't help it! I'm just a fan that's dating the most famous celebrity in the world! No big deal. 

New Years Eve:

(A/N: In this story, it's gonna be 2013 for the new year ok? Haha)

"C'mon Kailey....!! It'll be fun! I know you miss Justin, but you gotta go with me!" Nicole tried to drag me off the couch and up to my room. "No..." I whined. She let go, frustrated. "But WHY?? It's just a party!" She begs. 

"I just want to stay here though! Why is it so bad to stay here?" I ask. 

"Because...because there will be cute guys for you to dance with.." She smiles. I furrowed my eyebrows. "I'm dating JUSTIN. I don't want to dance with other guys!" 

"Ugh PLEASE Kailey just come! You're 18! It's downtown and they have a big ball dropper thing like in Times Square! It'll be like we're there!" 

That got my attention. "They do?" I ask. She nods. "Well, i guess we could go for a little-" "Yay let's get you ready!" She pulls me up to my room when the doorbell goes off. 

"Come in!" My mom yells. Rachel comes in and a big smile appears on my face. "Rachel!!" I run downstairs and hug her. "What a surprise! What are you doing here?!" I ask. "I'm coming with you guys downtown! We want you to look good for-" She stops mid sentence looking up at Nicole. "you know what? It doesn't matter. Let's get you ready. It's 9:30 so let's hurry." 

Nicole and Rachel help me get ready. Rachel does makeup and Nicole does hair. I get into a dark purple dress that gives me curves that i love. It also gives me boobs haha. 

Once i was done, I got my phone and wallet and we headed out. I told my parents happy new years and they got all smiley and suspicious. Why is everyone acting so strange tonight?

We get into Rachel's car and head downtown. By the time we got there, with all the traffic, it's past 10. I saw the big ball dropper and it looks just like the one in Times Square, just a little smaller. We find parking after looking for almost 20 minutes and walk where the show is. 

"It's just like being in Times Square except smaller!" Nicole yells at me through the loud music. We get to an open spot by the stage surprisingly. We dance and sing along with the music and just have fun. 

Around 11:30, the host comes up on stage. 

"How's everyone doing tonight?? Happy New Years eve!" He jumps around. 

"We have a very special guest here tonight and he's here by surprise. Come on out Justin!" My heart drops when I hear Justin. I turn around and there he is, standing onstage, looking right at me. He smiles and waves. I wave too with a big smile. 

(A/N: Not sure if this would happen realistically but I thought I'd put a little fantasy in here!)

The crowd goes wild and he grabs a microphone. 

"Surprise everyone! Didn't expect me to be here in Denver did you?" Justin asks. Everyone screams. "Well, I'm going to perform two songs for you guys tonight. The first one for you, I have a very important question," he smiles and looks down at me. 

"can I be your boyfriend?" He asks with a smile then winks at me. I giggle. Rachel and Nicole nudge me. 

"You KNEW he was coming didn't you?!" I ask them. They start smiling and nod. I hit them. "We HAD to keep the secret! Justin didn't want anyone especially YOU to find out!" I roll my eyes and hug them. 

Justin is singing Boyfriend and i start singing along. 

"Tell me what you like yeah tell me what you don’t
I could be your Buzz Lightyear, fly across the globe
I don’t ever wanna fight yeah, you already know
Imma make you shine bright like you’re laying in the snow"

We dance along and sing along, laughing at our dance moves. A few fans would look at me and smile or glare. You know why. 

After boyfriend, he walks across the stage. 

"So my last song, it's a special song to me. I want one girl up on stage tonight for it. where is my one less lonely girl?" Justin asks. And all of a sudden, I hear, "Pick Kailey!! PICK KAILEY!!" "Kailey's your one less lonely girl!!" Everyone looks at me and i start to blush when Kenny grabs me and takes me onstage. 

Once onstage, Justin smiles and hugs me tightly. "I've missed you." He whispers so no one could hear. "Me too." I whisper back. 

He takes my hand and leads me to the stool and i sit down making the audience scream. 

He sings One Less Lonely Girl to me and it's just an amazing feeling having everyone look at you and having Justin's full attention. 

Once the song is over i follow him offstage and into the crowd. Justin hugs a few fans. We get invited to come up to the balcony section for VIPs only. We go up and it's so beautiful. The view of the city and we could see the ball dropper perfectly. 

At 11:59 we start to countdown........................

"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4....3...2....1! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" Everyone screams. Justin and I hug. We release and look into each other's eyes. He smiles. "Happy New Years, Kailey. I-I love you." My heart skips a beat. I smile up at him, into his beautiful brown eyes. "Happy New Years Justin, I love you too." He grabs my chin and pulls me to his lips and we kiss. For the first time in 4 months. 

I hear screams and whistles. I smile into the kiss because it makes me laugh. 

What a perfect New Years already. 

A/N: Hope you liked it! Sorry some of it isn't really realistic! But what's a story without a little fantasy? :)

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