Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


14. Author's note PLEASE READ


Ok thank you for reading ALL my stories! I just wanted to let you all know, I counted the votes for my NEW stories and....*drum roll*..........................Bieber Undercover wins! By ONE vote haha so I'll be starting that story probably later today :) 

I have some good ideas for this story and I think you guys will like it! 

Stay tuned for an epilogue for Midnight in Manhattan story AND the first part of Bieber Undercover!

Thanks everyone! 



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