Justin's IT girl

This story is how I picture Justin meeting a fan and falling for her. This will be as realistic as possible, so bear with me!
Justin is in Denver, CO walking around town the day before his show, when he see's a girl. He goes over and meets her and they end up hanging out the whole day. What happens when he starts to fall for her and he only has one day to tell her how he feels? Does she feel the same way? Will their relationship go any father? Will fans be ok with her if she becomes Justin's new girlfriend?
Read to find out! :)


13. Am I ready? Yes.

A/N: There is a tie between my two stories! The Big Mix Up or Bieber Undercover! PLEASE vote! I'm going to choose one if there continues to be a tie haha AND VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED for this part! ;) Hehe I know you guys have been wanting this chapter for a while so here you go!


4 days later, we were in Colorado! My town! Haha but the sad thing is, is I have to stay here while Justin leaves. School is starting back up and I can't just not go. One, it's my senior year and I'm graduating in 3 months and two, my parents would kill me if I just decided to stay on tour with Justin. 

Justin was leaving in the morning so we had one more night (Haha one more night...Maroon 5 lol) together. I was with Justin now in his hotel room watching tv on the bed. 

I lay my head on his shoulder. "I can't believe we can't stay together for the rest of the tour.." Justin whines. "I only have a month left." He adds. I laugh slightly. "School is kinda important babe." I poke his side. "I know...but you can have school on the bus! That's what I did. And I still graduated." 

"But I WANT to go to school and finish and have an actual graduation ceremony." He nods. "I understand." "I also hope you can come to my graduation." I look at him. He smiles and leans in and presses his lips to mine. "Of course I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it." I kiss him back. His tongue makes it into my mouth and our tongues fight with each other as our kissing turns into making out. 

I let out a moan and I feel Justin smile into the kiss. "Shut up.." I laugh. 

Justin then gets on top of me and he leaves kisses down my neck which make me moan. I decide to make HIM a little happy if you know what I mean.

I moved and got on top of him. His eyes widened. "I'm stronger then you think." I wink and we start making out again. After a minute or 2, I slowly undo his belt and then agonizingly pull down his pants. "Uh fuck babe, quit teasing." He swears as his breathing quickens. 

I giggle and then Justin kicks off his pants, picks me up and I wrap my feet around his waist. He stands up and he slams  me against the wall. He presses himself against me and moans against my neck. I run my fingers through his hair as he sucks on my neck. 

He then takes us back over to the bed and before he could get on top of me, i sat on his crotch, slowly rubbing back and forth. Justin leans his head back and moans. "Fuck babe, seriously stop teasing. I need you. NOW." He lets out a low groan  as I suck on his jawline. I feel his muscles tense up when I use my finger to trace his abs which causes him to let out a louder groan. 

Justin looks at me with darkened eyes as he pushes me back and his hands roam up and down my thighs. "Baby, you're turning me on so much right now, please let's fuck. We have time." 

I look at him with lustful eyes and nod. "You sure?" He asks and leans over me, looking all over my body. 

"You're so beautiful. I can't believe you're mine." He leans down and kisses me. He moves to my ear and sucks, moving down to my neck and on my sweet spot. I let out a moan. "Mmm." I say. "Mine right?" He asks. All I can do his moan. "Answer me baby. Do you want me to please you or not?" He asks, his hot breath hitting the side of my neck. "Yesss Justin...ALL YOURS." I hiss at him. He smirks and slides a finger inside me. Surprised by what he just did my eyes widen, but relax after he moves more gently. I groan in response. He smirks again, now happy knowing that he can get me to do anything. "All wet for me huh?" Justin whispers in my ear. I arch my back in response. 

He took his finger out and leans down to kiss me again. Once we pull away I look at him. "What?" He asks. "Let's do it already Justin. I'm ready." I tell him. Am I? He smiles and kisses my neck and I let out another moan. Yep. I'm ready. 

He gets all the way on top of me and starts kissing me. 

When things get heated he takes off my shirt without breaking the kiss. I take off his shirt and since he already didn't have pants on all he had was his boxers on. He slid my sweats and panties off in one and I slid his boxers off. 

Our bodies press against each other harder as we get more turned on. I suck on Justin's neck and I feel his dick getting harder and harder. 

My eyes widen and I let out a little scream when Justin goes inside me. I'm surprised at his size and then I relax quickly as the pleasure sets in. I let out moans as he thrusts in and out of me. I arch my back and groan in pleasure. 

"Justin...I'm about to-" "I know. Me too. C'mon baby." He thrusts faster and pretty soon we cum together and he lays beside me. I lay my head on his chest and he kisses my forehead. "You did great babygirl." 

A/N: Hope that wasn't TOO much for you guys! Haha ;)

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