Hey, Again-Sequel*Completed*

Hello New York! Meet me Brooke Horan! It's been two years since I left. I was confused when I was 17, I might go back. I don't even know anymore. Well now I'm in a pretty good college if you ask me. I met a girl in New York named Megan and we're are best friends.Oh and we're are in the same college!Guess what happened today in college? Sorry can't tell you. You don't want me ruining all your fun now should I? Will I ever meet Louis again and apologize or erase him from my memory,my past? Yeah I panicked,but I was shocked that he broke up with El to be with me. I can't let that happen to me. Well let's change the subject now shall we? Well I just woke up and....that's when the fun began. A/N If you haven't read the first book it is called 'Is that really you?'


1. Introduction

This is the sequel to 'Is That Really You?'. Please read that before reading this story. So yeah same charcters basically. Except for one of them......meet Natalie Brown! I am adding her because 1)This girl has supported me from the very begining when I enetered Movellas. 2) It'll fit with the story. 3) I just really needed a new charcter too! Okay so enough of me talking.....here's what everyone was waiting for!

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