Hey, Again-Sequel*Completed*

Hello New York! Meet me Brooke Horan! It's been two years since I left. I was confused when I was 17, I might go back. I don't even know anymore. Well now I'm in a pretty good college if you ask me. I met a girl in New York named Megan and we're are best friends.Oh and we're are in the same college!Guess what happened today in college? Sorry can't tell you. You don't want me ruining all your fun now should I? Will I ever meet Louis again and apologize or erase him from my memory,my past? Yeah I panicked,but I was shocked that he broke up with El to be with me. I can't let that happen to me. Well let's change the subject now shall we? Well I just woke up and....that's when the fun began. A/N If you haven't read the first book it is called 'Is that really you?'


8. Chapter 7: One Direction

Brooke's POV


"So yeah after we moved in together,Meg and I decided to go to the same college. George and Maria wanted to thank me by paying for our college. Even though I told them they didn't have to,they insisted. So I gave up and let them." I informed. The looks on Sam's and Marco's face were priceless and Meg and I laughed. Sam finally spoke and said "Wow I can't believe that's how you both met! Gosh that's just amazing and I didn't know you were Irish! Ugh I wish I that could happen to me." "Well here we are now,talking in a cafe at-" I stopped and looked at my watch" 8:54 PM." Marco was still speachless. "Hey, you two wanted to know how we met,so we told you." Megan piped in.

I agreed with her and Marco finally spoke"Well,what an...interesting way of meeting." "So I'm getting a bit tire-" I said but then was stopped with ear piercing screams. I looked out the window and saw a huge group of girls running towards...five people?"What the hell is happening out there?" Megan asked. I shrugged and walked outside to see what was happening. Megan followed behind and I froze. She did the same. There they were,One Direction.Shit. And to think I was over them already,they came running towards me. I bet I looked  like a deer in the headlights. Even though I was running away from them,I would feel guilty if I let them get mobbed outside. I quickly grabbed them and Meg and pulled them inside the cafe. Soon security gaurds were blocking the doors,so no papparazis or fans could get in. I looked back and luckily the the cafe was empty,since it was late. Sam and Marco stared out us with questioning looks. I gave them 'I'll-tell-you-later look' and they nodded and left the cafe.

I'm not so sure if they would recognize me still,but do they even remember me? I quickly looked down at my feet and Meg just stood there speachless. She wasn't such a fan,and she knew about the past. "Brooke?" An Irish accent that belonged to my one and only brother,Niall,said. "Yes" I whispered. Now I looked up and saw those five faces I tried to forget about. Niall didn't say anything,he had tears in his eyes and he hugged me tightly. "I missed you so much." He mumbled into me hair. "Me too,Niall" I said while crying a little. Oi what are you doing Brooke? I thought you wanted to run away. They would have found me anway,I think.

I released myself from Niall and gave everyone hugs,and then I stopped at Louis. I looked at his eyes,they showed,happiness?And saddness? Wait what? We both stood there awkwardly looking down at our feet. Harry coughed and said "So,it was great to see you again Brooke,but we have to go." Thank you so much for breaking that awkwardness! Since I had a phone now,I gave everyone my number and they dialed theirs in mine. They set their names as: Daddy Directioner :), Nialler :D,BradfordBadBoy :),TheTommo:P, and Hazza :). Gosh these boys are still the same,and that's what I love about them. I'm not sure about Louis, he made me feel different? I couldn't shake the feeling off,that I fell in love with him.

"So um yeah we'll catch up some other time?" Zayn said. I nodded and the boys went out. Meg stood there with a confused look. "I thought you wanted to run away from them? Why did you just give them your number?" Megan questioned. "Look,if I run away again,there's a chance of them finding me again. I'm tired of running,and apparently that's what I've been doing ever since I was little. I give up from running,right now I just want to live life." I confessed. "I completely understand what you mean. If I were you, I would've done the same. So are you really going to meet them again?" Megan said. "Well yeah I guess." I replied.

Louis' POV

I found her again,the girl who I fell in love with. I just wanted to hold her in my arms when I saw her,but I don't think she has feelings for me. Right now the boys and I are on our Take Me Home Tour.Niall and Em are still going strong. Sure they had little fights,but they made up to each other. El and Josh are still together right now and I'm happy for her. Liam and Daniel are doing really good,even thought they broke up once,they got back together.Zayn and Perrie are doing okay,but it seems like Perrie is drifting off.


Um well Harry is with Taylor,you know,Taylor Swift? Yeah,it's pretty sad too,this is a publicity stunt and I can tell that Harry really hates her. Harry's real girlfriend is Natalie Brown. Natalie has shoulder length brown hair with a few blond streaks,her height is a bit short.When I first met Natalie she was all quiet and shy,but now she's really opening up to all of us,besides Taylor.She has a great sense of humour and got along with everyone,well you know everyone but Taylor.They were best friends in Holmes Chapel,and Harry asked her out before the Taylor Swift shit started happening. Guess who I'm dating? Yeah,it's Natalie. I didn't want to date her,yeah she's nice and all ,but Natalie is Harry's.

It is another publicity stunt too. We had a meeting last week and it went like this....


"Okay everyone,please sit down." Paul ordered. We obeyed and sat in our regular seats. "So I know that none of you like Taylor. I also know that Natalie is with Harry,but Louis still needs a girl. This is only a publicity stunt,nothing more and nothing less." Paul explained to us. Just before Paul could say anything else I interrupted him,"Paul,I don't need a girl right now. I know that the fans want me to date Natalie,but she's not the girl I want to be with. Don't you think Harry's upset about this? Can't we do a break-up plan and make the media believe this?" I begged.


 Paul gave a loud sigh and looked at me ,"Louis I understand. I have this one plan that might work,but we can't let the public or media know." I nodded for him to continue "Okay well,let's say that Harry and Taylor got into a huge fight and break-up. Then you and Natalie both and break-up. Natalie goes to Harry for comfort and well she falls in love with him.Yes,I know they love each other already so that should be easy. Is there any flaws in this plan that you guys don't like?" Paul said. Liam's hand shot up quickly. It's always Daddy Directioner isn't it? He always found a flaw and made it better.

"Well,don't you think this is a bit sudden for the media to grasp? They might think this was all planned out and then we're doomed. So we have to go slowly,because the media will think that Natalie is just the rebound for Harry's 'break-up'. I think Natalie should know about this and Taylor too. I know we hate Taylor,but she's pretty good at lying." Liam argued. Yeah Taylor lies all the time. Once she told me that El and Josh broke up because it was my fault. I was crying all day because I didn't want to ruin their relationship. I tried calling but El wouldn't pick up.Later on that day El did pick up and she told me she shut done her phone and that Josh and her were really happy. I was furious with Taylor that day! Who would ever lie about something like that?! Oh I know the answer. Taylor.

"Yeah" we all mumbled with our heads down. "Okay so that is our plan. We have to do this gradually okay?" Paul asked. "Sure" I said. "Now go tell the girls about it" Paul said while shooing us out of the room. Later on we asked for Taylor and Natalie to come over and explained the plan. Natalie was smiling non-stop and well as for Taylor,she said "Oh good! Another record breaking song for the swifties!" This girl can be really rude. She really needs to settle for one guy and stop writing about her break-ups and stuff.

*Flashback End*

The plan is gradually getting there. Natalie isn't always with me and I'm hardly ever around her. Taylor and Harry are having fights here and there,same with Natalie and I. In about two more days we're all broken up and Natalie will be happy with Harry. Then I'll continue life, I still have those feelings for Brooke and I hope she does too. Well fate will decide right? If it was meant to be we'll be with eachother. If not,then we can always be friends. I just feel like my life is missing something. Oh and I forgot to mention something,all of our girlfriends are on tour with us!

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