Hey, Again-Sequel*Completed*

Hello New York! Meet me Brooke Horan! It's been two years since I left. I was confused when I was 17, I might go back. I don't even know anymore. Well now I'm in a pretty good college if you ask me. I met a girl in New York named Megan and we're are best friends.Oh and we're are in the same college!Guess what happened today in college? Sorry can't tell you. You don't want me ruining all your fun now should I? Will I ever meet Louis again and apologize or erase him from my memory,my past? Yeah I panicked,but I was shocked that he broke up with El to be with me. I can't let that happen to me. Well let's change the subject now shall we? Well I just woke up and....that's when the fun began. A/N If you haven't read the first book it is called 'Is that really you?'


7. Chapter 6:Flashback

A/N: Yeah sorry I wasn't able to update last week. I'm just trying to relax for this huge test and I don't want to fail it. So yeah just wanted to let my Lovelies know that. I have a kik still and be welcome to kik me anytime. The name is Silverstar01. Not very original,I know *smiles and laughs*. Okay,well enough of me and back to the story now.


Megan's POV

"So Brooke and I met....."

*Flashback Two Years Ago*

Okay well here I am in New York. I miss mom and dad already,but I needed to grow up and leave one day and that day was today. I know that my sister,Maria lived in New York so I called her. She picked up and said "Hi this is Maria speaking." I can't believe it, she lost her accent. Well I guess that will happen to me if I stay here. "Hey Mar-Mar!" I greeted. Mar-Mar was her nickname that I made. I could only use that nickname because ...well..I made it and I was furious when her boyfriend called her that. His name is George and he lives with her. I don't hate George, I see him as a brother. So he noticed one day that I didn't like that he said it,then he changed it, so only I can use Mar-Mar. He calls her Mari now.

"Megan it's so good to hear you again. So are you ready to go to your new apartment? I bought a big one just for you." Maria said,breaking me out of my thought. "Awww you didn't have to buy me an apartment." I cooed. "Well turn around" She said. I was at the entrance of the airport and turned around. I saw Maria and George standing there next to a car. I ran over and engulfed them both in a hug. "I missed you guys so much" I mumbled into Maria's hair. "Yeah we missed you too Megan." They both said.

We got into the car and George started driving. Both of them could drive since they're twenty one. We chatted and laughed at some jokes we said. Then I looked down and noticed that Maria's hand had a beautiful gorgeous diamond ring on her finger, It had two diamond hearts intertwined with each other. My jaw dropped and I grabbed her hand and looked at it with amazement.

"Well it looks like little Megan noticed the ring." Maria laughed. "I am not little! I'm seventeen." I pouted,but I couldn't stay serious so I bursted out laughing. "Yeah George proposed yesterday." Maria said while admiring her ring. "Awww c'mon George. You just had to do that yesterday and not today." I pouted. George laughed. "Well it was supposed to be a surprise but not anymore. "He joked and continued "Well we're here anyway."

Brooke's POV

I settled down in my new huge apartment and it was already furnished since I ordered it in the hotel I was in. The landowner said I could do all my shipping in one day and I bought it. I never really like renting things. I went into my room and unpacked my clothing and other things. I miss Louis and the others so much. I can't believe I ran and said no to him. Well that's the only way I solve problems,just run. I took a nice long shower because the plane ride was kind of making me feel gross. Maybe because I spilled some food on my clothes. After I showered I slipped on my pj's since it was getting late. Luckily I brought a couple of movies with me and I picked up Grown Ups. I pressed play and jumped onto the couch.

I was rolling on the floor laughing by the middle of the movie already. Then I paused it and went to the kitchen for some food. Yes I bought food because how else am I going to survive? I heated up some popcorn and grabbed a glass and filled it with water. I heard people talking and heard my door unlocking. "So here-wait why is this place furnished and why are the lights on?" I heard a strong feminine Italian accent ring through the apartment. I heard more foot steps getting closer and closer so I hid. "This doesn't seem right." I heard an American accent say. It was a man's voice. "Let's go talk to the landowner. Megan stay here." This time it was a female voice,but this time with an American accent. I was still hiding and I heard a couple of footsteps fade into the distance and the door closing. I poked out my head and saw a girl my age. She had wavy dirty blond hair,thin and greenish blue-ish color and it was really amazing. Now I compared myself to her and myself. I look like a pile of rubbish compared to her,oh well everyone was meant to look different,besides twins.

"Um excuse me,but do I know you?" I asked and she jumped up. "Oh sorry I didn't know you lived here." She apologized. "Don't worry, maybe the landowner gave you the wrong keys. Anyway I'm Brooke Smith." I said with my strong Irish accent. I haven't lost my accent,yet. I didn't know if she was a directioner,but I couldn't risk anyone finding me. "Oh I'm Megan. Well as you can see I'm Italian because of my accent and you must be Irish?" Megan replied. I nodded my head and I was about to ask who were the other people but I was interrupted with people talking. "You have to be kidding me! You can't do this to her! We bought this place! What do you mean someone else lives here too?!" A man's voice boomed. Then I heard the landowner,Mr.Brimmer "I'm sorry sir, I mixed them up and put them in the same place. Maybe the young girls can live together until I can find a place for her?" Mr.Brimmer and a man and woman came into the kitchen. I think the woman was Megan's sister because she looked like an older version of Megan. Maybe the man is the husband or boyfriend? I'm just making guesses here.

"Hi,I'm so sorry to disturb you. I'm George and this is my fiance,Maria. As you can see Megan is Maria's younger sister who just moved to New York from Italy. I didn't know you bought this place too. We're truly sorry." George said. "Oh it's okay sir. Megan could live with me if she wants to? Even though I hardly know her she seems like a nice girl." I offered. "Oh that would be nice,but we don't want to be rude. Are you sure Megan could stay here." Maria asked politely. "Yup,"I said popping the 'p' "This apartment is quite big and lonely so I wouldnt mind." "Oh thank you so much Brooke!" Megan squealed.

Megan's POV

Brooke is just amazing! I just met her and she is going to let me stay with her,and I thought New Yorkers were rude. I mean,that's what I heard. Sorry if I'm offending anyone. Oh wait I just realized something. "Hey Brooke? Did you just get to New York today?" I asked. She shook her head and said "I came her about three days ago. During that time I lived in a hotel ,searching for apartments,and here I am. I came from Mullingar." Oh that explains how everything was furnished. "So Megan,are you all right with this?" Maria asked. Oops,I forgot they were still here.

"Yeah. Brooke and I will have so much fun! It'll be an adventure everyday. I just know it!" I cheered. George and Maria smiled and brought me my luggage. The landowner left and I was saying goodbye to Maria and George. "Okay,be safe Mar-Mar and George! Don't forget about the wedding,and I better be the Maid of Honor!" I joked. They both laughed and said 'bye' and drove off. "Sooo you're sister is getting married?" Brooke asked as I turned around and went back inside. I nodded and she led me to the living room. "So,you wanna watch the rest of Grown Ups with me?" Brooke asked. That was my favorite movie! "Yes!" I bursted out. She crawled over to the remote while I plopped myself on the carpet floor. Soon Brooke joined me and rewinded the movie to the begginning.

*After the Movie*

The movie was finished and we were in fits of laughter. "T-that w-w-was so h-h-hilarious!" Brooke managed to say. I just kept on laughing and rolling around,clutching the sides of my stomach. Our laughing died down and I got up and walked to the kitchen. There was a clock there and it was...11:26 PM. I yawned and Brooke came in. "It's almost midnight. I think we should go to sleep." I informed. "Yeah your right. I need to find a job tomorrow anyway. Oh and follow me. I'm not sure why,but I have to bedrooms." Brooke agreed. "Maybe this was fate. Maybe we were meant to be best friends for life?" I joked. "Yeah fate really wants us to be best friends."Brooke laughed,while I followed her to my room. "You can unpack now if you want. If you need anyhting just call my name. There's a door that goes to my room. Our rooms connect." She said while pointing to a door that was next to my closet. "Okay night Brooke. And thanks for letting me stay." I said gratefully. "It's fine,you don't have to do anything for me. It's fine." Brooke said while going to her room.

Well this is going to be a start of a great friendship. I looked in my luggage for my pjs and slipped them on. Then I walked over to the light and shut it off while crawling into the bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

*End of Flashback*



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