Hey, Again-Sequel*Completed*

Hello New York! Meet me Brooke Horan! It's been two years since I left. I was confused when I was 17, I might go back. I don't even know anymore. Well now I'm in a pretty good college if you ask me. I met a girl in New York named Megan and we're are best friends.Oh and we're are in the same college!Guess what happened today in college? Sorry can't tell you. You don't want me ruining all your fun now should I? Will I ever meet Louis again and apologize or erase him from my memory,my past? Yeah I panicked,but I was shocked that he broke up with El to be with me. I can't let that happen to me. Well let's change the subject now shall we? Well I just woke up and....that's when the fun began. A/N If you haven't read the first book it is called 'Is that really you?'


18. Chapter 16: Dinner Part 1

Brooke's POV

"So when are you guys going to make this official?" Liam gestured between Louis and I. "Right about now." Louis said while typing something onto his phone.  I felt a buzz in my pocket and pulled out my phone: Louis_Tomlinson: @Lil_Irish_BH Will you go to dinner with me tonight? I tweeted back : @Louis_Tomlinson Haha I'm right next to you, but ok :P. "So this is how you plan to make your relationship official? Well okay." Harry chuckled. Meg and Zayn came back into the room, but when I looked down their hands were intertwined? Wai-FINALLY! I jumped up from my seat and engulfed them both in a hug, soon the boys joined in and we all fell to the ground. Everyone was either in fits of laughter or were silently laughing and clutching their sides.

"So we got a new couple here?" I nudged Meg, she just smiled widely and nodded. "Haha we're probably gonna make it official soon, but I'll discuss it with Zayn later." Meg replied," Oh and I checked twitter. Uhh not too sure you're gonna like this." I looked at my phone and saw so many replies to Louis and I's conversation. (Sorry I'm just making up twitter names here)

1DAllTheWay:@Louis_Tomlinson y do u want this whore? I deserve u!

Amanda_Tommo: @Lil_Irish_BH Go die in a hole! Idc if ur nialls sis.

1D_Gurl<3: @Lil_Irish_BH Don't listen to those bitches, I ship Bouis 100%!

Lil_Irish_BH: @1D_Gurl<3 Thanks a lot and I don't care about haters there's a reason y we have them.

I looked up to Meg and sang," I don't care, I love it!" She just chuckled, "Wow you are really weird." "And this is why I love her." Louis said while kissing me on my forehead. There were a couple of aww's in the room. "And apparently our 'Ship Name' is 'Bouis'." I said with quotation marks. Louis chuckled," Okay well go get dressed for dinner, something nice, but not too fancy."

Meg was going to pick my outfit. She laid a pair of black shorts with a little bit of glitter, and a floral tank top. Luckily this outfit was perfect with my black Converses. "Go shower and change, do you want me to curl your hair after?" Meg asked. "No I think it would be better with my natural wavy hair." I replied while going into the bathroom. I showered and changed into my outfit and went back to my room. Meg clapped her hands together," Let's start now. How would you like you make up done?" "I never did like too much make up so I want to go light with it." I said coolly.

I closed my eyes for most of the time, the only time I did open it was for her to put on any mascara or eye liner. "Okay girl you're all done and ready to go." Meg said. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, "This is what I exactly what I wanted," I stood up from my chair and gave her a hug," Thanks Meg." "No problem." She said while leading us to the living room. But before I went into the living room I stopped to take another look at my self. I had a bit of a light tan shade for my eye shadow, a small amount of mascara and eye liner, some lip gloss, and a faint shade of pink blush. Then I started walking.

Louis' POV

I sat there in the living room, with a nice pair of black jeans on and my favorite white and blue striped shirt. "Here comes Brooke." Niall nudged me. I looked up and my heart just froze, I kept staring at the angel in front of me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." Brooke giggled. I stood up and kissed her," You look amazing." She blushed and nudged me," Thanks, you look great too." I gave a small laugh. I wrapped my arms around her waist. "Okay we're leaving!" I cheered. "Make sure she's home before midnight." Harry joked. "Okay whatever you say mum!" I laughed. Niall decided to join in too. He came over to Niall and wrap his arms around Harry's waist, "Make sure you protect our sweet daughter." I laughed," He will. Bye mum and dad!" We got into the boy's car. It was their only one in New York. Then I just realized something," Not that I'm complaining but, you guys have been here longer than you should have." Louis looked at me," Well ever since we found you, we wanted to stay so we postponed the tour for a while. Don't worry about anything for now." I sighed," Okay well at least tell me where we're going?" He gave a cheesy smile, "That's for me to know and for you to find out."


Okay so that was part one of the 'Dinner' chapter. I'm not sure when I'm writing part two. My younger brother's birthday is today and my family and friends are gonna celebrate. Oh I'd like to give a shout out to one of my Lovelies. A.K.A My best friend for life! I know half birthdays may not be important to you but it is for me and her. Happy Half Birthday Gurl! :D Ironic, its on my bros birthday but oh well. A message to my friend: I told you I knew about it, this is the exact reason why I didn't say much to you this morning. Okay my lovelies I love you all very much! Please fave,like and comment!


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