Hey, Again-Sequel*Completed*

Hello New York! Meet me Brooke Horan! It's been two years since I left. I was confused when I was 17, I might go back. I don't even know anymore. Well now I'm in a pretty good college if you ask me. I met a girl in New York named Megan and we're are best friends.Oh and we're are in the same college!Guess what happened today in college? Sorry can't tell you. You don't want me ruining all your fun now should I? Will I ever meet Louis again and apologize or erase him from my memory,my past? Yeah I panicked,but I was shocked that he broke up with El to be with me. I can't let that happen to me. Well let's change the subject now shall we? Well I just woke up and....that's when the fun began. A/N If you haven't read the first book it is called 'Is that really you?'


13. Chapter 11: Lazy Day

Brooke's POV

*1 Week Later*

Ever since I got twitter, the boys have been calling me non-stop. I'm pretty surprised that they haven't left New York because they're still on tour. I covered my eyes as I began to wake up,it wasn't sunny at all and I'm glad it wasn't. I always forget to close my curtains at night, but I'm used to the sun burning through the window. I threw off my covers and trudged,slowly, to the bathroom. The tiles of the bathroom floor were quite cold, so I gave a small jump when I entered.

I rubbed my eyes and yawned while turning on the shower. I cupped my hand and tested out the water. "I'm pretty sure Meg is awake by now," I mumbled,"Hey Meg can you please leave me some clothes on my bed? Thanks." I heard a faint voice saying," You're so lucky you have a best friend like me." I chuckled and took off my clothes and dipped my feet in the shower.  Soon I pulled the rest of myself inside. The steamy,hot water woke me up quickly. I just loved how the water falls down on me like a waterfall, it felt relaxing. I scrubbed myself with my favorite berry scented body wash. I rinsed my hair and the rest of my body. I took a towel and layed it on the floor, then I stepped on it carefully so I wouldn't fall.

I took two more towels and wrapped it around my body and hair. I opened the door and peeked my head out to make sure no one was there. Swiftly, I ran to my room and closed the door while locking it. I dried off myself and slapped on the clothes that were laid out for me. Meg has given me a pair of sweats and an old t-shirt that was big, but comfy. I'm guessing today's gonna be a lazy day. I jogged over to my window and saw the rain pour down, there were a few drops of rain drumming rapidly against the glass.

I walked out of my room and into the lounge, I saw all the boys there with Meg. They were talking about some random thing that just popped into the conversation. "Hey guys!" I greeted cheerfully. "Hey lil sis." Niall said while getting off the couch. He walked over to me and gave me one of the best hugs ever. Niall lead me to the rest of the group and I just sat between Louis and Harry. I looked at Harry and gave him a smile, but when I looked at Louis, those damn butterflies came again! I gave him a shy smile and he returned it back.

"So let's go watch a movie now?" Zayn suggested. "Sure, but which movie you guys wanna watch?" Meg asked while going to our movie cabinet and pulled out a few. "Do you have Hangover?" Harry asked. "Yeah, I think we do." I replied. Meg came back with the movie in her hand. "Here let me help." Zayn offered quickly. I saw Meg blush a little when their hands met for a short while,Zayn did too. "Awww does little Zaynie have a crush?" Louis cooed. Oh and Zayn broke up with Perrie a while ago since it wasn't working out. Perrie got upset, but she got over it.

"NO!" They both shouted together. Okay now that is just plain adorable, they would make a perfect couple too. Their cheeks still had a tint of red from their blushing. "Let's just go watch the movie." Meg mumbled while clicking play.

We were an hour into the movie, and let me just say, this is so fucking hilarious. "Hey can someone please go get some snacks? I'm super hungry!" Niall pleaded. "I'll go get some." I replied. I got off the couch and went to the kitchen. I tried getting some popcorn from the top of the shelf, but I couldn't reach. "Need some help?" A voice asked from behind me. I jumped a little and turned around. "Bloody hell Louis! I almost had a heart attack," I joked,"And yeah, I can't reach the popcorn up there." I pointed to the area, where the popcorn was stored. He easily reached it and grabbed the popcorn. Louis walked over to the microwave and tapped a few buttons. "Thanks." I said while giving a shy smile.

Louis's POV

She looked so cute when she smiles, it just makes my heart melt when ever she does. Why can't I ever get this feeling out of me? I shyly looked at my feet and mumbled a small 'Your Welcome'. I looked back at her amazingly ocean blue eyes. I felt a little bit of heat crawl up my cheeks. Oh god, am I really blushing? In front of her? Why must this always happen? All these quesitons popped into my head. I just can't take this anymore.

I gently moved my hand to her cheek while caressing it. She blushed and looked down, but I lifted my other hand and brought her face next to mine. We were inches away from each other. Then I finally did it, the thing I've wanted to do when I met her. I didn't care what would happen to me, I just wanted to be with her. There were fireworks everywhere. My dreams came true, I kissed Brooke Horan......



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