The Angel Princess

A twist of myths and legends come to life to a typical girl who always believes in reasons and logic. Cindy life will never be the same after she got in that one car accident.

Arthur Note:
If you every read The Iron Fey book series by Julie Kagawa, some of the characters will appear within this story.


3. The beginning

Cindy's P.O.V

I was stuck at the hospital until the next day because the doctor never show up the day before. I still can't believe I'm still here, I'm ready to leave and move on from this all. The headache came back again...ugh. Is she ready? Yes, she is my queen. Good, good. Has she showed any of her powers yet? That I know of, no. She hasn't showed any sign or said anything to me yet. What is going on? Is that me, or I'm someone else? How are you doing today Ms. Jones? I'm pretty good. Have you hear about Matthew, he going out with that witch. The headache was going away, but I kept hearing things. "Knock, knock Ms. Lou." The doctor said while coming in. "This is Mrs. Lady. She will be your therapist until everything seems good." He continues. "Hello Ms. Lou. Nice to meet you." She said and brought her hand out. "Hi." I said while shaking her hand. Then I felt a electric shot thru me, that's when I saw everything she thought. I shake my head and sat on the bed. "What's the matter, my dear?" Mrs. Lady ask nicely. I came back quickly. "I'm fine, but I want to understand something. Why do I need a therapist for?" I ask wonderingly. "To make sure your mental being is fine from the accident." The doctor said quickly. They are lying to me, they aren't even human. This proves my research, they are angels and this is the Queen. All I could think of, is why pick me? 

Jenny's P.O.V

I came running into the room jumping up and down in excitement for my sister getting out of the hospital. "Yay! What do you want to do first?" I ask. "I want to go see Abby." She said and walks out quickly. "Wait up missy! Your things!" I shouted. She slowly walks in back into the room. "Oh..yea I forgot about that!" She said shyly. "Don't worry; I know your heart is in the right place." I said smiling. I help grab the little things she had and we walk out to Abby room. She seem nervous, I push her right in. She manages to get to the side of the bed and held her hand. I walk over to sit down in the chair when one of the machines started beeping. "What's going on?" I ask worryingly. "I don't know!" She said in a panic. A doctor and a few nurses ran in quickly to check on her. "What happen?" Cindy asks. "It seems she is beginning to respond." The doctor said. "Go ahead, talk to her." One of the nurses said kindly. "Hi Abby, how are you feeling?" Cindy said nervously. We all watch her in silence. When we began to notice Abby hand began to twitch. "Everything will be alright, Abby. I'm always here for you!" Cindy continues. That's when Abby eyes began to fluttered open and Cindy began to cry for joy. "OMG! Abby, you’re finally awake!" Cindy squealed. What happen! All Cindy did was touch her hand and now woken up! "How did this happen?" I whisper to the doctor. "Well, I believe it's a miracle." The doctor said. I felt like something came over me and I began to forget what I think a few seconds ago. That's when the doctor began to give some orders and soon told me and Cindy to let Abby rest. I'm happy for her! Cindy got her best friend back.

Cindy's P.O.V

OMG! I got my best friend back! I don't know what the hell happen, but it just happen! I ran to give her a big hug before the doctor took us to leave. I was jumping up and down while leaving, I'm just so happy that she is up now. Jenny just looks at me weird, like she always does with anything that has to do with me and Abby. "Come on, let’s get you home then." Jenny said happily. She put her put arm around me and that's when I suddenly I felt another shook...this time I saw everything Jenny was hiding from me. She engage and pregnant, but not sharing the joy with me. I look at her suddenly and notice she is showing plus the engagement ring on her finger. She follow where I was looking and soon realize I know something is up. "Come up, I'm craving for some chocolate ice cream." She said and we started forward again. Why hasn't she told me..I'm scared she would reject me! That's when I saw her memory...she..she been raped! She is putting up an act! I look at her in shock. "What's the matter?" She ask. I recovered my expression quickly and grab her hand. "Oh nothing, I just realize you have a certain a happy glow." I stated happily. Hopefully she will tell me soon. "Come on; let’s go get that ice cream! It's screaming our names!" I said laughing and pull her along like a child. Then I bump into someone, "Oh sorry!" I said quickly. I look up and realize it was Robin. "Oh, hey!" I said happily. He looks so happy. "Wow, you are shining bright today. It seems like I need a pair of sunglasses!" He said laughing. I shook my head at him. *jenny clearing her throat* "Btw, this is Jenny; this is my sister." I said. I look over at her and she seems to have a daze on her face. She looks over and seem to snap out of it. I gave her a questioning look. "What!" She said. I laughed, "You tell me!" I said laughing even harder. It was her time to shake her head at me. "Would you like to join us for ice cream?" She asks Robin. "Sure." He said happily looking at me. I wrap my arm around his and started skipping, he joins along. It made Jenny laugh and let go, she always felt weird doing silly things like this. 

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