The Angel Princess

A twist of myths and legends come to life to a typical girl who always believes in reasons and logic. Cindy life will never be the same after she got in that one car accident.

Arthur Note:
If you every read The Iron Fey book series by Julie Kagawa, some of the characters will appear within this story.


5. Realization

Cindy's P.O.V

All in a moment in time I was just thinking a place I wish we can be, but in a place I wasn't expecting to be. I was thinking of the possibility of my abilities I supposedly to be destine of several great things. During the vision I had in that one hand shake with my supposed therapist, I learn a lot of things but unsure if any of them are true yet. So far...a few things have come true. I can hear other people thoughts from time to time, see visions, have the ability of fire and air, also teleport to other places in a moment notice. When I look around again where we were at...I realize I have been here before with Robin. No way! We are in Wyldwood, a place within the nevernever. I read stories about this place, but could never believe if any of them were true. If you would like to know, Wyldwood, A sort of magical foyer off of which all the Faery courts open: tangled trees and fleeting colors glimpsed through a grey mist that itself seems alive. Anywhere is possible from here. I learn all of it from my Queen, but my own powers are something to question, even for her. 

Robin's P.O.V

I look over at Cindy with shock. How the hell did we get here without going thru a door? I hope I can get her to not remember this place at all after I get her home. She looks over at me and gave me a startled look. I wonder what that was for. This is when I got the chance to fully look at her and I began to fall backwards. "What's wrong Robin?" She asked.  I saw huge wings behind her that look like they are attaching to her. It was so freighting, but so beautiful. "Come on,  let’s get out of here." I said and grab her hand. The Wyldwood isn't safe if you stay in one spot for to long. The other fey from the summer, winter, or iron court will begin to notice and begin to mess with you somehow or some way with their deals or tricks. I don't want anything happen to her any more than what already happen. We went thru the forest without a notice...wait, that's odd. Where is everyone? I look around before I look straight to the door and gave my devilish smile to the guard. "Hello Puck." He said. "Hello Jay." I said happily. "Can I and my lovely lady come thru?" I continue. "Not without anything in return, you know the rules." He said. *cough* I heard Cindy. Jay looked over and gasp in surprise. "Good day, princess!" He said while bowing. She raises her eye brows in wonder. "Can we please go thru; I do need to get home." She asks politely. "For you, my lady." He said and opens the door for us. I look at her in amaze, how...what! It can't be...she the princess!

Cindy's P.O.V

"For you my lady." The guard said politely in return and bowed at me. I look over at Robin and saw the realization has kick in I am supposedly the new princess. We cross over back into the store we were in before the other store we got attack in. "Come on, I don't want to worry my sister if she notice we were gone." I said quickly leaving the store. We walk over and notice that Jenny was still on the phone talking. Thank goodness she hasn't notice, this is the least of my worries and I don't want to tell her. "Come, quickly...make it seems like we just walk out the store." I said quickly in a whisper. He nod and we went along with it. We finally reach to Jenny and she looked up, she was still on the phone. "Hey, I'm ready to go home now." I whisper to her. She nod and told the person on the other line bye. "Who was that?" I poked her while laughing. "You meet him soon." She said blushing. "Ohh, it's a him?" I said while playfully pushing her with my shoulder. She laughed at me while shaking her head. "Don't worry you know who he is soon enough, I'm just waiting for our mom and dad to come to town to give the good news." She said to cheerful. Sadly, she doesn't know I already know her great news! "Can't wait to hear the good news then." I said smiling. Robin seem to stay silence the whole time, but I know why. I hear his thoughts and he already knows that I'm a angel. He seems confuse and I think he doesn't know how to take it yet. Jenny took me home to my house. It felt weird..not having Abby with me here. Jenny and Robin help me with the little things I have into the house. "Do you guys want to stay for dinner, I can make something or we can have takeout." I said. I really don't want to feel alone. "I can't, I had plans tonight. Rain check?" She look at me with concern. "Sure. Let me know when your free." I said sadly. She gave me a kiss on the forehead and hug. "Give me call if anything." She said while leaving. Robin was about to leave, but I grab his hand. "Can you..please stay. I don't want to be alone." I said a loud for once. He gave me a look over before he said anything. "Sure." He said. I drag him into the living room and onto the couch. I turn on the TV and found a movie that seems interesting to watch. "I know what you thinking." I said. "What is that then?" He said wonderingly. "That I'm the princess and an angel." I said without a care in the world. "Also, I know who you are, Puck." I said smiling. He looks over smiling in return. "I guess I don't have to hide from you then." He said with his most famous smile. "I can tell you the same then." I said laughing.

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