The Angel Princess

A twist of myths and legends come to life to a typical girl who always believes in reasons and logic. Cindy life will never be the same after she got in that one car accident.

Arthur Note:
If you every read The Iron Fey book series by Julie Kagawa, some of the characters will appear within this story.


2. Princess?

Cindy's P.O.V

"Come on. You shouldn't be here." Some redhead guy was telling me. "Who are you? I shouldn't go anywhere with someone I don't know!" I said and grab my hand out of his hand. "I'm Robin Goodfellow." He said and taking a bow. "Come on." He said holding his hand out. I suddenly felt like I can trust him, so I put my hand in his and let him lend me away. I finally look around and realize everything so bright, so...colorful. Until I saw a little fairy, and I look over at Robin. That's when I notice his ears were pointy and he had hooves as feet. This can't be....Robin suddenly look over at me and smile. He kisses me on the forehead and whisper sweet dreams. I open my eyes slowly and everything seem foggy. It looks like there was some lady looking over at me. She looks so beautiful, with a glowing white dress and, that can't be. Why is everything seemed like a dream within a dream? "Get some sleep my princess." She said kindly. Wait..what does she mean, my princess; then my eyelids finally close and I was asleep. *few hours later* I finally woke up again. I felt so sleepy, I want to go back to sleep. I felt someone grab my hand and I look over. It was my sister, why is she here. "Why are you here?" I croak out. She looks sad and said, "You don't remember what happen?" I just look at her confuse. "Sweetie, you were in a car accident!" She said almost in tears. "You almost die.."she was in tears. I tighten my hold on her hand. "Well, I'm here now! That's all that matter!" I said seriously. "Wait! Where is Abby?" I ask worrying now. My sister gave me a sad look; I don't want her to give me that look! "How is Abby? I want to know the truth!!" I demand, my panic just shot up more. "She is fine, but..." She said. "But what?" I continue for her. "She is in a coma." She said in a rush. I just lay there in shock, like no way! "What...what else have the doctors say about her?" I ask. "Don't worry about her for now. Worry about yourself and we will take care of her." Someone else new walk in. "Please tell me. I would like to know." I begged. "How about this, when your all better I'll tell you then." He said. "Anyways, I'm Doctor Matlock." He continues to say. I just look at him weirdly and that's when I notice his shadow. He had part of his shadows. He looks at me like he knowledge what I was looking at. "Well, Ms. Lou you’re so far you got a few scratches, and 2 broken ribs. You got pretty lucky." He said. "Why would you say that?" I ask. Trying to make small talk. "You were supposed to be dead, Ms. Lou." He said blatantly. 

Queen Lady's P.O.V

"How is she doing?" I ask Mr. Matlock. "She is doing fine actually. She healing pretty fast, she actually is healing least then 2 days." He said. That's pretty good, the way I picture it will be. I do believe she will do great things. "Do you think she will be a fine princess, my queen?" He asks. "Yes, I do believe so." I said with pride. 

Robin's P.O.V

I wasn't expecting a human coming thru here. Wow, I'm just amazed how gorgeous she was. She seems so confuse, I do want to help her though. "How fast can a Puck move on?" I hear that saracsally voice from anywhere. "How fast can a cat go running from water?" I said bickering back. "I'm been supposedly hear a human walk thru here in nevernever, and so called Puck guide her back to where she belongs, is that true?" He asks.  How the hell does he manage to know everything, it is getting pretty annoying. "Yes, like you need to know everything." I said to him. I started walking thru nevernever to go visit her; I want to see how she is doing. "It seems like someone doesn't know where they going again." The cat said annoyingly. How can I let him help me, I'm overly in debut to him. "What would you like now?" I ask. "Oh, like I need something." He said with his little laughs. "Truly, this time no. I am here for the journey." He continues. I look at him and I feel like I don't believe. I just turn around and continue to walk where I was going. "You better follow me." The cat walks ahead of me. I just look at him, and thinking of how things use to be. How it so annoyed me that now I'm alone, with this cat! I just follow without complaining or saying anything. All I was thinking was about this odd some human knew how to get in nevernever and hasn't got attack or bother with. They only watch, to see what she will do and how she was only wearing a gown. We finally found a door and went thru it. I realize, for the first time we didn't have to fight or anything to get odd. I look around to realize we are in Miami. "How odd...Puck is a lost with words." The cat said. "I'm not, I'm just wondering how odd everything being." I said. "You don't even realize who you’re going to see." He snickers. "That girl, she is every important. More important than you think." He continues and didn't say anymore. We finally made it to a hospital. "Why are we coming thru a hospital?" I ask wonderingly. "You'll see." Is all he said. We finally got to a room and I was nervous to what I'll see.'s the girl and she wearing the same gown. She turns around and smiles.  Suddenly, some girl ran pass me and gave her a big hug. "You look great!" She said. "Thanks!" The girl I help said and she smiled. "I just can't wait to get out of here." She continues. "Don't worry sis, you'll be home in no time and I'll be staying for a while." Her sister said. It kind of explains why they look alike. "Has the doctor said when you can leave yet?" Her sister asks. "No, he said he will have one more checkup today and then he will decide when I can leave." She said with a sad expression. "Are you still worried about Abby?" Her sister asks. All she did was look out the window and took a while to respond. "Yes, they aren't telling me anything. One, I'm not family and two, they don't want me to stress out." She said annoyed. "Well..I talk to Abby cousin, her cousin said she still in a coma and she isn't responding to anything or anyone." Her sister stated. Why are they here in the first, in a hospital! I began to cough, to show I'm in the room until the cat try to stop me, but it was too late. They both look over, and look surprise. She look at me confuse and it made me feel uncomfortable. "Hi" I said. Awkward silence. "We met the other day; I just wanted to stop by to see how you are doing." I said politely. She look down like she was embarrassed, but I soon realize her face expression and I wonder if she saw the real me. "I'll let you be then, and I'll call me later." Her sister said and gave her a hug, then left us alone. She look at me and turn around to look out the window. 

Cindy's P.O.V

I look at him one more time and then turn around to look out the window. How can this be..Robin Goodfellow is in my hospital room now. I could never get enough of them at dream, the one with him in it. It felt so real, that I got the chance to do research on him, and I realize I read books about his world. I don't want to believe if anything of it can be real. I thought it was all myths and legends. "How are you feeling?" He asks me nicely. "I'm fine." I said in return. "What happen?" He asks. "What do you mean?" I ask and turn around. He look me up and down, I did the same. "Oh, I was in a car accident." I said. He looks worried, but confuse at the same time. Then he daze off, I realize soon enough he was talking to someone. "Is everything ok?" I ask. He looks up shapely at me annoyed, but lightens up. "Oh..yes, everything fine. I better get going.." He looks down shyly. "I hope I can see you again, if that's alright with you." He asks nervously. I look down and blush; I got the sensation where I felt like I trust him. I look back up at him straight in the eyes when suddenly it hit me. I hope she said yes! Ugh how did she become the princess? Hello darling, here your food. It just continues on and on until I got a headache. I lean back against the wall and he began to look worry. He came closer to help me sit down on my bed. "Are you ok?" He asks. I just kept rubbing my temples when it slowly went away. Huh, what's going on? "Umm..yes, I just have a headache." I said quickly. "Sure, hopefully I'll see you soon." I said before he could say anything else. He looks happy and relieved. "Ok then Rosie." He said cheerful and took a bow, then left the room. When I suddenly notice there was a cat walking out with him. I didn't notice him before.

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