The Angel Princess

A twist of myths and legends come to life to a typical girl who always believes in reasons and logic. Cindy life will never be the same after she got in that one car accident.

Arthur Note:
If you every read The Iron Fey book series by Julie Kagawa, some of the characters will appear within this story.


1. Headlights

Cindy's P.O.V

A typical day in a life of Cindy. Work and school takes up most of my time. Finally dragging myself to the car after a long day at work. I work almost 48 hours with a 1 hour nap in between all it. Don't get me wrong, I love my job! I get the chance to safe people lives. Being a Crime Scene Investigator is pretty interesting; most of my friends aren't a fan of it. They have a weak stomach if they see a dead body in front of them. I just grow up with the knowledge of the law. Most my family members are a police officer, FBI, or in the army. My family is noticeable among great things, so everyone else expects me to do the same. It's a little bit of a presence for me, but I'm willingly to take the challenge. I finally got home and got out of my car, to rush inside to get ready for school. I'm going back to school for Forensic Science. Lucky I just need a few classes left to go until I graduate again. "Hey cuz!" I shouted when I enter. "Hey Cici!" My friend shouted in return. I call my best friend cuz, short for cousin...truly because I feel like it most of the time. She usually calls my Cici as a little nickname. She became one of my best friends and now roommate. We met at school, while she was in the police academy but she hasn’t got lucky on finding a job yet. “Ready for class missy?” I ask Abby. “!” she said sarcastically. We are studying the same major. So it’s pretty cool for me to have an every class with my best friend. “Then get ready! Jeez we’re going to be late then!” I said. She makes me what to laugh half the time. “I haven’t seen you since yesterday, is everything alright?” Abby ask while getting ready. “Yea, its just work. I got a new case.” I said tired. “Do you want to go to class? You do look tired!” she added. “Yes, you know how I am!” I said while laughing. She gave me that worry look and said alright. We finally were ready, and start going to class. “Heyyy do you get that position, the one you told me today about the police officer position?” I ask Abby. She looks sad and sighs. “I don’t think I got the job, it seems like they weren’t interest in hiring me.” She said. “Well, don’t put yourself down like that! Think positive.” I said trying to be positive for her. She just looks out the window while I drive. I just hope she gets a job, she been dying to get one! *few minutes later* We finally got to school and started walking to class. “Heyyyy Red!” My friend Kevin shouted to me. Another nickname, only because my hair is red. “Hey Kevin!” walking up to him and giving him a hug. “Ready for that test?” he ask. I laughed, “As I can ever be! You?” I ask in return. “Same old same old…No!” he said laughing. “Like always, and you manage to pass!” I shook my head laughing. Someone poke my side. “Heyyyy where my hug missy!” Uriel said. My other wonderful annoying friend. “Awww come here Url!” I said with my arms wide open and gave him a hug. “Heyy why can’t I call your URL!” Anthony said sarcastically. Url look over his way and shake his finger at him. “Only because you could never beat me in uno!” he said laughing. “heyyy I beat you a few times!” he said while everyone was laughing. Oh boy! Playing cards with them never gets old, it just creates new memories and new ways with comebacks. “Let’s play another game of Uno!” Url stated! He looks over at me and patted the spot next to him. “Come play just one game with us! Pleaseee!” he begged me. “Yea, come join us! It’s been awhile that you play any card game with us!” Anthony joins along with Url. “Alright, just one game! Then I need to get to class.” I said smiling. “Abby, come join the game!” I told Abby. We played one game, and then manage to get to class on time. “Alright class, are any you ready for this test?” the professor said while everyone was getting settle down. Everyone sighs and the professor gave a smile. “Well, I’m more happy to say, let’s get started then.” She said happily. Me and Abby look at each other and gave that copycat perky smile of the professor.  We always made fun of our professor, she always seems to be happy and I do mean happy, to happy. All you can hear Kevin smirk at us and copy her swirl moments with little to no hair on his head. Me and Abby laughed, we can act so childish at times. Hey…we’re young! “Mr. Matlock, do you like to continue your conversation with the rest of the class?” the professor said out loud. We all try to hold our laugher in. “No, ma’am.” Kevin said trying to be serious, but I said him smirk. “Ok, then!” she said while pasting out our test. “Begin, when you get your test.” She continues. We began our test, and I was done in no time. Sadly I work in the field to know it as hand on experience. “Done! Already!” Abby mouth out to me. “Yes.” I mouth in return. “I’ll meet you at the group table!” I mouth out again to her. She nodded and continues with the test. I got up and place my test on the professor desk, then left. I went to the group table and the group was still play cards.

Abby’s P.O.V

I was tapping my pen against the table, I’m pretty nervous. I didn’t feel like I study enough for this test. I look over and saw Cici done, and packing up to leave. “Done! Already!” I mouth out to her. “Yes” she said, “I’ll meet you at the group table!” she continues to mouth out to me. I just nod and continue the test. I went back tapping my pen against the table. Kevin looks back. “Are you ok?” He whispers. “Yes, just a bit nervous.” I replied. He just nod and went back taking the test. Few minutes later, Kevin finish and he went out to the group table. By the time I was done, I notice that I was the last one to leave. I just hope I pass the test. I walk to the group table and Cici and Kevin was the only two people at the table. Did I really take that long? “Hey, how did you think you did?” Cici ask me. “I think I did fine, I just want to make sure I got everything correct.” I said. “I hope so, you look nervous.” Kevin said. “Really! I help you study and you know it from back to front!” Cici look surprise. I laughed, “I know! It’s just..I wanted to make sure I ace it.” I said. Cici smile at me..she always have a good heart. She the reason why I am here, my parents kick me out when I was younger only because my mom couldn’t believe me that my dad been raping me most of my life. When I met Cici at school that change everything. I was practically living in my car and at school, it just been rough for me. But when I met Cici, she was just so kind…so charming. Everyone seems to love her, to cherish her because I do. She found me living in my car one day when she got out of class one evening. That’s when she made the offer for me to stay at her house, next thing later we became roommates. “Hey lets go out to eat, your choice!” Cici told me. “Sure! How about Tony’s?” I said smiling. She laughs and said sure. Kevin walks us to our car, like the gentlemen he is and we part ways.

Cindy’s P.O.V

We got in the car and started our way to go eat. Tony’s been our place to eat. We both favorite Italian food and we made Tony’s as our signature place to eat. “What are you going to get tonight?” I ask Abby. “Umm..I’m not too sure, I’m in between the usual or pizza.” She said. “How about you?” she asks me. “I’m getting the usual.” I said laughing. “You can never going wrong with the usual.” She said laughing. *music flowing thru the silence* “Heyy my favorite song!” I said happily. “Wait…Get up by Mayday Parade.” She asks. “Yes!” I replied. She turns up the volume up and we began to sing along to the song. We finally got to Tony’s and we went in to eat. “Did you see the way he was looking at you?” Abby said. “What are you talking about?” I ask wonderingly. “Uriel!” she squealed. “He was, I didn’t seem to notice.” I said confuse. Half the time I don’t pay attention to guys, I guess that why I seem to miss the nice guys. “The way he only let you only call him Url! He doesn’t like when any other girl say it nor his friends. I just think his friends like to tease him though.” She said rambling. I do hope she gets the job, I think she will be good at it too. The way she pay attention to most things, to everything thing. She is usually correct about reading other people. “He just nice to me and we are just good friends.” I said looking away. “Aawww your blushing!” she said jumping up and down. “No, I’m not!” I said laughing. “He is totally into you!” she said. We didn’t finish the talking about Uriel when the waiter came by with our food. We had small talk, about little things here and there. “Yay! Left overs!” I said. We both laugh. We got our check and our leftovers to take home. “Do you have to go into work tomorrow?” Abby ask. “So far no, they haven’t called or text me to come in, so I’m not sure yet.” I said. “Well hopefully not, we need a girl’s day out missy!” she said happily. “I hope so; I definitely need a girl’s day out!” I told her. “Finally we are on our way home, I’m ready to sleep!” I said happily. I so miss my bed! Abby laugh. “Turn the radio on, to whatever you would like.” I said. “Sure.” She said happily. I look both ways when I pull out the parking lot. Then, all I could hear was Abby screaming and head lights. Suddenly I went blank…

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