The Angel Princess

A twist of myths and legends come to life to a typical girl who always believes in reasons and logic. Cindy life will never be the same after she got in that one car accident.

Arthur Note:
If you every read The Iron Fey book series by Julie Kagawa, some of the characters will appear within this story.


7. Ballroom

Cindy's P.O.V

The reason I created you is only because our court is in trouble. Some of my guardians and some of my angels have gone missing. I continue to sit there at the bleachers in shock and keep repeating what I was reading in my queens mind. She wants me to help on what is going on within our court. I look down and pet the wolf. He look so calm and relax, but I knew he was ready to protect me for the queen. It seems like they have history that I like to hear about one day. My queen was long gone and all I could think about what I was been told. "It's time to go home buddy." I said. We started walking back to my house and I continue to be stuck within my thoughts. Unaware, wolf started to growl and that's when I heard a cawing of a crow, it kind of sound like laughing. I look over where wolf was growling at and I was starting straight at a crow. Why would he being growling at a stupid bird...ugh jeez. "Come on, boy." I said while tugging at the leash, but he wouldn't move. I look back up at the crow and realize it was staring straight at me. I began to feel weird under the crow gaze and I just continue tugging at wolf leash, I just want to get home already. The wolf finally gave in and began to walk along with me. The crow started following us all the way home, it annoyed both me and the wolf. I finally took the leash off and all I could think was have the stupid bird for dinner. The creepy part, the wolf look at me and grinned, then chase the crow. I just shook it off and walk inside, until I hear shouting. "Heyyy, you’re going to let the dog eat me!" I hear some guy shouted at me. I storm out back to see what was going on, suddenly someone ran into me on the way in. "Hey! Watch where you’re going?!?!" I snap. I look up annoyed as ever; to soon realize it was Puck. "What...where did you come from?" I said. He gave me a smirk and shook his hair and all these black feathers came out. I look at him seriously, "No way! No way! That can't have been you!" I shouted. He smirked, "Yes, Yes and yours truly princess." He said. "Ughhhhh you know you didn't have to creep me out like that!" I said, trying to calm down. "Hey, is everything alright?" He asks worrying and put his hand on my shoulder. I gave him one look and I was amazed how calm I got. "Yes, just over thinking too much." I said walking over to the couch and sat down. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asks while joining. "I don't feel like talking about it now." I said with a yawn. I just couldn't help think within a few days I'm a princess to an angel court, I have met Puck from the summer fey, the big bad wolf son is my guardian, I have a quest to help my court and be prepare to meet my court tomorrow at some ball thingy. Ugh I can't believe I have my designer coming tomorrow to get me ready for it too! I'm girly, but not to girly for stuff like a ball or be...a princess. I'm just so lose and confuse. I put my head back on the head rest of my couch and continue to ponder about what is next. "Princess, rise and shine!" Someone squeal and open my curtains. I cover my eyes and groan. "Ugh, what time is it? It seems too early to rise and shine!" I said grumpily. "It's only noon, princess. It's time to get you ready for the ball tonight, so get up missy!" I soon pick up its a lady. I finally look over at her and jump. "Holy cow!" I yelled. This lady had enormous wings and she was showing them in bright daylight. I soon took notice that the wolf was in my room from my scream. He looks over and shook his at me and walks right out! The ladies continue to look at me and shook her head too. Oh, how did this child become a princess? "Hey, I'm not child!" I said annoyed. She gave surprise look like I'm crazy. "I'm just overly surprise and annoyed how you walk your way into my house uninvited." I said honestly. "Plus, how are you walking normally in my house showing off your wings?" I ask. "Only among the fey and our court can only see truly who we are. The outside world only sees the glamour we shield over ourselves." She smirked. "Oh.." Is all I could say. She soon got to work on getting me prepare for this ball. I never knew how much I need to learn for this...court, my court what Rose told me. Yes, my designer is name Rose. I get now why she called that, she gorgeous like a rose but can stink like a witch with those thorns. She told me she been by the Queen since forever and that I was lucky enough I even got her or I'll be nice. Hours later, Rose was finally done with me and she seems please how I turn out. "You look gorgeous, my dear." She said happily. I turn around and look at the mirror. I was shock, how she made me look. I really feel like I'm on cloud 9 with these small puffs that remind me as mini white clouds. "Please, run by me again how would you intrude yourself?" She asks me the millionth time. She had been quizzing me ever since she started about what I should say in case I was every talk too. "Hello, I'm Cynthia. Princess of the angel court. Then is my cue to bow, and smile." I said. She nod with approval. "What happens if the queen and king talks to you?" She asks. "Well, I'll reply nicely and honestly depending on what they say. Also add ma’am or sir, or king or queen to be polite." I said. I'm slowly getting nervous..I wonder how my king and my court would think of me. Rose look at me one more time and place her hand on my cheek. "Don't worry dear, you will be fine." She said nicely. I smiled nervously. "Now it's time!" She said excitedly. She guides me to the door, where I met the wolf and she said good luck. "Here goes nothing.." I mumbled to myself.

The dress:

Queen Lady's P.O.V

It's time for our grant ball. It always seems so lovely every year when we do it. "Good afternoon, my queen." "Hello my queen." My lovely people greeted me. I smile and bow politely. "Hello my darling." King Howard said happily. "Hello my dear." I said happily in return. "Ahh what is your big announcement?" He asks. I just smiled and continue walking, he walks along with me. "Everyone has been talking about it my dear." He continued. "I know and you'll have to wait it see my dear, like everyone else." I said and laughed. He looks at me and shook his head. "Always my lady, like to surprise us." He smiled and wink. We continue walking all the way to the entry to our palace ballroom. You can hear the horns and the speaker announce our entry, then everyone bow on one knee until we made to the steps. King Howard and I walk to the table, stand at our seats. Everyone got back up and was nervously waiting. "Good day to all my lovelies. Please, I want to introduce a lovely person to our family, Princess Cynthia." I raise my hand and Cynthia came walking thru the door. 

Cindy's P.O.V

The second I went thru the door, all I could hear were horns and my queen announcing my arrive. Wolf, my guardian walk along side of me; standing tall as ever, bigger than me. So please do imagine, I'm just 5 feet tall and 3 inches and that isn't saying much. Wolf made me fully realize his true natural and everyone in the room have gasp, realizing themselves, who wolf is. I walk up to the stairs, bow at my queen and king, turn around and bow to my court with a lovely smile. I walk over to the table to the chair beside my queen and we finally sat down together. Suddenly everyone started talking all at once, or that what it seem to me. I kept it cool, but I wanted to raise my hand to my head...not this again. Everyone was thinking all at once, wanting answers. "Time to feast!" The king announced and every food you can think of appear. While eating, I can feel everyone even the king, looking at me. I hear the king cough, and I look over to see what is wrong. "It's nice to finally meet you Cynthia." King Howard said to me. "Nice to meet you too, my lord." I said politely and smiled. Before the king could say anything else, the horn was going off again. Everyone stand and was on one knee again. All I could was smile because the one and only, Puck has arrive. He walks all the way up to the steps and bow until he was talk too. The king stood up and nod. "King Howard am Puck, here to invite you to the ball from King Oberon and Queen Titania  the summer court." He said while opening his hand of an invitation. "Why yes, sir Puck. We are happy to be invited." The king said and smiled happily. Puck smiled, and was about to leave. "Please stand and feast with us." King Howard said quickly. Puck looked over at me, and I nod. "Yes, sir." Puck smiled devilish. I should know and I smiled to myself. King Howard guide Puck to the seat next to him. How nice, I don't know why I was so nervous about this. A little while after, everyone was dancing with joy while the king and the queen talk among themselves. I look over where Puck and he was gone. I panicked and looked everywhere for him, he the only reason why I been calm so far. I hear someone clear there voice near me and I looked up. "Hello Princess, can I have this dance?" He asked so nicely and put his hand out. I smiled and put my hand within his. Everyone move and we were the only one dancing. "I never thought someone like you can dance?" I said and put my best act of being shock. He laughed at me. "There many things you haven't got the chance to see." He said smiling.  The more we dance, the closer we got to each other. It made me kind of nervous, how everyone was watching us, even the king and the queen. "You’re doing just fine, my lady." He whispers into my ear. We continue dancing until he spins me around and a slow drop. Everyone started clapping like crazy for joy. He left me up again, and while still holding his hand we both bow. Wolf came up to stand beside me. Another new song came on and everyone went back to dancing around us. Puck bow and disappear within the crowd. I walk back towards the table to sit down for a few minutes. "Princess, I would like you to stay here for a while at the castle. It would be nice for me to show you around." Queen Lady Whisper. "Yes, my queen." I whisper politely back.

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