Tell Me You Love Me

Zoey. A normal teenage girl. Had a wonderful boyfriend who she loved dearly. They were ever so happy until her amazing boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was caught cheating on her with his fellow band mate. Will she forgive him? Or is this a forever love triangle? Read to find out.

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4. Trust Issues

Zoey woke up early in the morning feeling a bit breezy. She wasn't sure why until she opened her eyes to see she was still in Max's arms lying on the soft golden sand. Max was awake staring into her bright blue eyes and smiling. "What are you staring at mister?" Zoey asked suspiciously with a slight smile on her face. "Just thinking about how beautiful my girlfriend is" Max said smugly. "Aww ya goob" Zoey smiled back. Zoey stood up and put out her hand for Max to take. He nodded his head with a huge grin on his face and took it. They walked along the beach back up to the party where people still were asleep. The pair walked pass all of the tired people and up onto the street. "Where are we going babe?" Max asked Zoey. "We're going to Louis place" She told him. "Uhh, wouldn't that be a bit awkward, well, with, you know, you being with me and him being gay?" Max asked worriedly. Zoey shook her head. There was silence for a while but it wasn't awkward. "Louis needs to realise that that is my house too!! I lived there for a long while and that is what I call my home!! Besides, I still have stuff in my room that belongs to me. You can move in if you like. It's a nine bedroom house Max, you can choose any room you like." Zoey explained. Max smiled at the thought of living with flat mates and getting away from his mum and sisters. He nodded and said, "Sure, okay, sounds great." Zoey and Max walked all the way back to Louis house and knocked on the door. Nobody answered so Zoey pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the door. "Wow, is all I can say" Max said surprised. "Pfft, shut up and go pick your room" Zoey pushed Max playfully. "Alright, alright, haha" Max agreed. He ran up the stairs and chose the room right next to Zoey's and jumped on the bed to relax his mind. Zoey walked up the stairs after making herself a smoothie. She was half way up the steps when the front door opened. It was Louis and Harry. "Morning boys" Zoey said gleefully, "You finally got up then?" She then carried on up the stairs. Louis was confused. "Wait a second, Zoey? I thought you'd moved out." Louis asked curiously. "Oh yeah, I suppose I did didn't I. Well, I'm moving back now. I realised that this is my house too, and Harry's, and of course yours Lou. Oh and Max has moved in now too, he is in the room next to mine, bye guys, see you later for dinner." She finished saying disappearing into Max's room. Louis and Harry looked at each other in shock. Finally Louis shrugged his shoulders and walked away into the lounge. Harry raised one eyebrow and soon followed Louis into the lounge. "Don't you even care that your EX-girlfriend has just invited her and her new boyfriend into your house??" Harry asked Louis, emphasising the word 'Ex' and also still confused with what Zoey had just said. "Nah, I really don't mind. She has a point, this is her house as much as ours, she can invite whoever she likes. It doesn't matter what she does anymore Haz, I told you, I love you now. Deep down, I think I always have, love." Louis admitted fairly. Harry smiled and looked at the ground. "You're right, I guess, I think you might not love me anymore and fall for her if she moves back in." Harry mumbled softly. Louis got up and shook his head. "Never, Haz, never. I love you." Louis said cheering Harry up. "I love you too." Harry replied in his sad raspy voice while tears fell from his eyes. Louis gave him a quick kiss and then held him tight to his chest. After Harry felt better they both sat down and watched TV while they were waiting for dinner. They didn't even know what was being done for dinner, Zoey just said that she'd see them later at dinner and gave then no detail. "ZO, COME AND TELL US WHAT WE'RE HAVING FOR DINNER!!" Louis asked in a loud voice so she could hear him from upstairs. After Louis said that he looked down at his phone which had just buzzed. He had a text message. <From: Zoey :) To: Louis:( I'll be down at 5:00 starting to cook us all a meal, and don't shout, just text me next time>  He laughed. "Zoey is coming down later to make us all a meal." Louis told Haz. After that, he engaged into his phone again. Louis was laughing and Harry was getting suspicious about what they were talking about. "What are you two goobs talking about?" Harry asked slapping on a fake smile trying to sound as careless as possible. "Meh, don't worry about it Haz, it's not important" Louis smiled then going back to his phone. Harry wasn't convinced. Louis stood up and went to the toilet leaving his phone in the bench top. Now was Harry's chance to have a peek and see what they were talking about. He looked through the phone and read the messages.  <From: Louis:( To: Zo:) I'll yell if I want to yell.> <From: Zo:) To: Louis:( No you won't otherwise no dinner for you!!> <From: Louis:( To: Zo:) Yes mum.> <From: Zo:) To: Louis:( Don't be sassy with me mister sass-pants!> <From: Louis:( To: Zo:) Okay fine. Change my name from 'Louis:(' to something different!> <From: Zo:) To: Louis:( Alright, how about... Hmmmm... 'Sass Bear'??? :)> <From: Louis:( To: Zo:) Okay!! :D I like that name ;) ;)> <From: Zo:) To: Sass Bear;) Alright now leave me alone, I'm talking to Max. Bye xx> <From: Sass Bear;) To: Zo:) Okayyyy byeee xxx> Harry suddenly felt very guilty. Nothing had been going on between them. He knew he shouldn't have looked through his phone and should have trusted him in the first place. Well that's what he thought until he saw one particular message. He only saw three words before Louis walked out from the toilet and asked him what he was doing. Harry quickly exited from Messages and went into Games and clicked on one. "Oh I'm just playing 'One Direction Slap' Sorry I should've asked." Harry quickly answered. "No it's alright, you're into that game, man, that's violent, but it's all good. I'm gonna need my phone to charge it Haz okay?" Louis asked smiling at Harry. "Yeah, sure" Harry gave him the phone and walked upto his room. On his way he passed Zoey and Max's room. Zoey's room was empty but Max's wasn't. Both Zoey and Max were in Max's room sitting on his bed. Holding hands with their fingers intertwined. They were watching the movie 'MIB3' laughing their heads off. Harry carried on walking to his room and sat down on his bed. The three words that he had read earlier had stuck in his mind. He didn't know what to do. He sure was going to read that full message later on though, he knew that much. The three words, love, jealous and babe. What did they mean. He was so confused but decided the best thing for now, would be to go to sleep. So he did. He set his alarm for 5:00pm when dinner was going to start being cooked. He fell onto his pillow and dreamt. In the meantime when Zoey and Max had finished watching the movie they went down stairs with grins on their faces and fingers still intertwined. They walked up to Louis. "Hey Lou" Max said. "Hi" Louis mumbled. Max carried on and walked to the Sofa and sat down. Zoey followed after him and sat next to him. Max put his arm over her and Zoey put her arms around his waist. She fell asleep with out realising and hours passed. She didn't even get up to make dinner. "Right then. I guess I'm going out to get my own dinner." Louis mumbled to himself. Ten minutes after Louis left Zoey woke up. "Why do I always wake up in your arms? I think you just put me there." She joked and stood up. Zoey looked at the time and groaned. "Don't worry, everybody else is doing there own thing. You can stay here with me if you like?" Max asked kindly. She nodded and sat back down thinking about how lucky she was to have Max. "Hey, babe?" Max asked her. "Yes, hun?" Zoey asked again. "I'm going to a party tomorrow night and, well, I'd like you to come." Max said in a 'Please' kind of voice. "But, at the last party, we fell asleep on the beach. How about, since they are your friends, you go and have fun, a night alone with them." She reasoned. Max nodded his head and got back into the comfortable spot he was in before. Harry came down the stairs and Zoey stood up almost immediately. "What's wrong Zo?" Max asked with a worried look on his face. Zoey shook her head to say not to worry. Zoey walked up to Harry and took him into the back garden. Harry was confused, but he didn't argue, he just walked. They walked and sat on the edge of the pool side just dipping their toes in. "So, what's this about Zo?" Harry asked casually. "Well, I decided that you need to know this. Louis sent me a text on the beach a while ago about him wanting to get back together with me..." Zoey said waiting for a response. Harry nodded his head and sighed. Zoey smiled at him sympathetically and rubbed his back softly. "Can I read the text maybe?" Harry asked sounding as if he was about to cry. Zoey nodded her head and got out the phone to show to him.  <From: Louis:( To: Zo:) Hey, babe. I really miss you. I want to get back together with you!! I hate this new kid, what's his name? Max. I'm jealous. I love having you around, babe. You are MY girl and always will be.> "That was it Harry, I didn't reply though." Zoey explained. "Well, why not?" Harry asked actually in tears now. "Oh Haz don't cry. Well, Louis and I had a talk in the middle of the night at the party. After the message I got up and walked over to him. He gave me a hug but I didn't hug him back. We talked about him not actually loving me, about him just wanting me. It was sort of like, he didn't love me, but nobody else can have me. You know? I told him to tell me he loves me but he couldn't do it. He said he loves you, Harry, and only you. He even admitted this himself. I just thought you should know." Zoey said thinking back to the party. Harry nodded, "Thanks for telling me Zo, I won't tell him about our little conversation." "Thanks Haz" Zoey smiled. They both walked back inside a chilled out for the rest of the night watching TV. Louis came in at about 1:00am and the others were still up. He walked straight up the stairs in a huff and didn't acknowledge them. They all shrugged their shoulders and carried on normally not giving him the attention he didn't need.
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