Tell Me You Love Me

Zoey. A normal teenage girl. Had a wonderful boyfriend who she loved dearly. They were ever so happy until her amazing boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was caught cheating on her with his fellow band mate. Will she forgive him? Or is this a forever love triangle? Read to find out.

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2. Text After Text

"So, Louis and Harry... Are, together now? Officially?" Cassie asked curiously while stuffing a warm, mince and cheese pie into her mouth. "Well, not exactly, no. It's not official and nobody knows except us three, and nobody else CAN know!! Guys I don't want to ruin this for Lou, I mean... I still love him!" Zoey smiled to her self. Cassie and Charlotte looked at Cassie with surprised faces. "Zo, I know you still love Louis but, he cheated on you, you have every right to tell people, you have the right to ruin his life as much as he ruined yours!!" Charlotte explained. Zoey shook her head in disbelief and stole a pie from Cassie's plate. 'Dinggg' Zoey's phone went off. "Argh!!" Zoey yelled throwing her phone at the wall. Cassie jumped and put her hand on Zoey's shoulder. "Zo, are you alright?!" Cassie asked worried and frightened. Zoey nodded her head and sighed, "It's been going of all day!! Texts from Louis, texts from Harry, texts from Niall, Liam, Zayn and it's just constant!! It so annoying!" She yelled. "Zoey, there's more to it than that. I know you, you would get upset just because you're getting messages and phone calls, what's on your mind, what's up? We're here for you so tell us." Charlotte smiled sympathetically. "Okay, Louis just won't shut up about me promising not to tell anyone because he doesn't want to upset his fans and stuff, Harry just, he, argh. He just won't stop apologising for me walking in on them kissing, Niall, he's not actually done anything wrong, Liam is asking what happened to me and Louis and Zayn keeps saying 'hi' even though I haven't replied to the first 'hi', he sends more!!" Cassie cried and flopped on to her pillow. The two other girls comforted her and stayed with her for another three hours talking about casual things just to keep Zoey from thinking about Louis. After a long conversation, Zoey got a message. She picked up her cell and groaned.  <From: Lou <3 xo To: Zo :)  Hey, I know you don't want to speak to me about anything at the moment, but, can we pretend that we're together for a while longer? Act like nothing happened? Just while I think of a way we can 'Break up' > Zoey screamed at her phone enraged and began to type a message back. <From: Zo :) To: Lou <3 xo No we cannot!! You think you can cheat on me and tell me what to do? You're so inconsiderate!! I hate you!> She sent the message and changed his name on her phone from 'Lou <3 xo' to 'Louis:(' Charlotte and Cassie had left her to be alone for a whole to think about things.  * * *  [THAT NIGHT AFTER DINNER] Zoey waddled up to her room, still in tears, and threw herself on the bed. It was nice and clean as her mum had washed the sheets just that morning. She cuddled up to her toy penguin which she had kept since she was three years old and sobbed into it. She still loved Louis heaps and there was nothing she could do to get over him. She cried herself to sleep after a long time of thinking about what she would do next. Zoey had decided that she was going to go out more to find more friends, have fun and get over Louis. Though she still had another long, cold, heart-broken day ahead of her to think about it. Oh boy, she knew this was going to be a long ride, but she believed she would get through it eventually.
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