Tell Me You Love Me

Zoey. A normal teenage girl. Had a wonderful boyfriend who she loved dearly. They were ever so happy until her amazing boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was caught cheating on her with his fellow band mate. Will she forgive him? Or is this a forever love triangle? Read to find out.

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1. Me Or Him? Choose!

"OH MY GOD Cassie, What are you doing?!" Zoey yelled as he and her two friends Cassie and Charlotte John raced around a street corner with the speed of 120 mph! Zoey was holding onto her seat so tightly not even releasing her grasp when the car slowed down. Cassie stopped the car outside a cafe and stepped out. She slammed the car door with anger and walked around to the back seat of the car. She opened the door of the side that Zoey was sitting in and yelled, "WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS SO SERIOUS AND SENSIBLE ALL THE TIME?!?!" Zoey looked down at her lap and frowned to herself, she felt angry, upset and very hurt. She stood up and pushed passed Cassie to walk into the cafe. "Don't walk away from me!! Zoey, look, I'm sorry!" Cassie called. Zoey wouldn't listen, she pulled open the door and went inside to order a coffee. Charlotte, who had been fixing her makeup in the car's side mirror the whole time, started laughing at her sister. "You always do this!" Charlotte exclaimed, "You guys always fight! Poor old Zo would say something smart or something and you'll bite her head off about it! And I think it's because you're jealous!!" Cassie thought to herself for a bit, "Jealous of what?! I'm not jealous of Zoey at all!" "Yes you are! Look Cass, I'm you're older sister I know what you're feeling! I've been around you too much to know what you feel and when you feel it!! And I don't really blame you for being jealous!! It's always been: 'Hey that's Zoey Penkalton the leader of maths championship, omg Zoey Penkalton you're so pretty!' Honestly, she's better that you admit it!!" Charlotte reasoned. Cassie nodded, she locked the car doors and ran up to the coffee shop door. She went in to find Zoey crying on her boyfriend Louis Tomlinson's shoulder. Zoey had phoned him up on her cell phone to tell him all about what had happened and he had come to meet her. Cassie walked up to them and sighed. "Look, Cass, this is nothing personal, but I really think you should leave now," Louis said so kindly. "No Lou, I have to talk to Zo! Alone!" Cassie demanded. Louis looked at Zoey and Zoey nodded her head in between sniffles. He got up and kissed Zoey on her forehead and turned to Cassie, "Don't say anything you'll regret Cass, please, don't hurt Zoey again," Louis whispered into Cassie's ear. Cassie sat down next to Zoey and took her hand. "Why do you always say mean things to hurt me? Do you do it on purpose?" Zoey sobbed. Cassie shook her head and sighed, "Zo, it's, it's real complicated!" "Why is it complicated? Tell me!" Zoey said in a slight whisper. Cassie looked Zoey in the eyes and smiled, "I'm, I'm jealous of you! You're so pretty and I'm nothing! But, that's not all!" Zoey shook her head and smiled slightly, "You've got it all wrong Cassie!! You really have! You aren't nothing so never, ever think that!" "I said that's not all, and trust me, you'll hate me after I say this, but, I love, I love Louis too! He's amazing! The way he talks to me! It makes my heart melt! I really do love him, Zo! And I'm sorry!" Cassie cried quietly. Zoey shook her head angrily. "I hate you, don't talk to me again! EVER AGAIN!" Zoey practically spat out. Cassie was in tears by this point. She tried to grab a hold of Zoey's arm but her hands was pushed away. Zoey grabbed Louis from the other table and said, "I'll be in your car, I'm going to yours for tonight." And with that, she stormed out of the cafe. Louis frowned, confused. He was unaware of what had just happened and walked up to Cassie. "Cass, hun, what did I tell you. What did you say this time?" Without giving her a chance to answer Louis was walking out the door. "Cass, I'll text you later about all this, I'm not done with you yet!" Louis yelled from the front of the cafe door. He then left Cassie alone with her sister standing there, looking like fools.  * * * Cassie never got that text Louis promised. Zoey hadn't spoken to her since.  * * * [MONTHS LATER] Zoey had walked out of Louis spare bedroom that she had been staying in for months and months after the fight with Cassie. She went down the stairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. Zoey got a banana and walked out in the lounge to find Louis, her amazing-never-do-anything-wrong-boyfriend, kissing his fellow band mate Harry Styles. Zoey dropped the banana on the floor with a wide open mouth. Both boys turned around and stood up. Louis shook his head with sorry in his eyes and ran up to Zoey holding her tight. Zoey didn't move away from Louis but she didn't hug him back either. "Oh Zoey, it's really n-" Louis was cut off by Zoey, "Not what it looks like? Well don't even go there with me Lou because this is exactly what it freaking looks like!" Louis had noticed that she had gone from quiet and surprised to loud and annoyed. "I-is there something we need to talk about?" Zoey asked with a sigh. Louis nodded and put his hand out for her to take. Zoey took it and followed him up the stairs. She stopped and looked at Harry, who was standing there, red faced and embarrassed. "Harry, I think you should come up with us to talk." Harry nodded and followed them.  * * * [30 MINS AFTER THE TALK] Zoey picked up her cell phone and looked for someone to talk to. She needed a friend by her side at this moment. The only two names that stood out to her were Cassie and Charlotte's names. She sighed and chose Cassie's. She dialled the number 034 329 6718. "Hello?" Cassie answered her phone. "Hey, Cass, it's me Zoey..." Zoey replied. There was silence. "Zoey? Zoey Penkalton? You finally called me! Oh Zoey, I miss you! Please forgive me! I don't even love Louis anymore! I think time away from him was all I needed! I was spending so much time with both of you I sort of became attached to him! But it's all over now. In fact, I've got a boyfriend! His name is Niall, you know, from Lou's band! Well we are in love! Anyway, how have you been these past 18 months?" Cassie spluttered out excitedly. Zoey smiled at the sound of Cassie's voice and life, "Well actually Cass, Louis and I aren't together anymore, he's um, he's gay now. And I caught him kissing Harry. It turns out the Larry Stylinson rumours are true. I asked him to choose between me or Harry and he chose Harry and I told him to tell me he loved me and he couldn't even do that, I really just need a friend right now and you're all I have." Zoey said sadly. "Aawww Zo, I'll be right over, where are you?" Cassie asked concerned. "I'm at mine, I packed up and moved out of Louis' place leaving him and Harry some space." Zoey almost chocked out.  * * * [AT ZOEY'S HOUSE] Cassie ran up to Zoey's front door and had brought Charlotte along too. Cassie knocked as hard as she could. The door swung open, "Cass, Char!! I'm so glad you guys are here! It's been so long!" Cassie swung her arms around Zoey and they all went upstairs to talk...
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