Tell Me You Love Me

Zoey. A normal teenage girl. Had a wonderful boyfriend who she loved dearly. They were ever so happy until her amazing boyfriend Louis Tomlinson was caught cheating on her with his fellow band mate. Will she forgive him? Or is this a forever love triangle? Read to find out.

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3. Louis, Let go!

'Buzzzzz buzz buzz buzzzzz' Zoey woke up to. "Why is there such thing as morning??!!! Gahhhh." Zoey groaned as she got up. 'Beep beep beep dung ding dung' Her phone went, she had gotten a phone call. She read the screen. 'Incoming call from 'Cassie!!:)' Answer. Decline.' She hit answer excitedly, "Heyyy!!" She called. "Hey Jodie, wanna go to that beach party tonight with me?" Cassie asked. "Haha, you called me, Zoey, not Jodie, haha, funny." Zoey told her. "Ohh, nevermind, I... Uhhh... Have to go..." Cassie said sounding worried. "No, Cass, wait, I'll got to the party with you, Jodie's sick anyway." Zoey smiled. "Look Zo, I don't want you to come because, well, you know, you're still upset and getting over Louis. No offence, but you'll be no... Uhh... Fun?" Cassie said sounding sorry. "CASSIE CRYSTAL JANNET JOHN, YOU ARE TAKING ME TO THIS PARTY!! Please, I'll promise to be free and loosen up!! Pleeeeeaaasee!!" Zoey pleaded. "Oh alright then, haha." Cassie laughed, "Be ready by 6:00, we're gonna party all night and we're not going home till morning!!" And with that, Cassie hung up. Zoey looked at her phone to see the time. It was already 5:45, she had fifteen minutes. She threw her phone down, grabbed her towel and ran into the bathroom. * * * After putting on her dress Zoey ran out the door to Cassie who was waiting outside in her car. They drove along the road to the beach. It was still fairly light with the sun just setting. Zoey smiled and thought to herself, 'Hmm... I wonder of I'll meet someone new at this party tonight...' "Zoeyyyyy!! So glad you could make it to the partyyyy!!" Zoey heard a familiar voice say. She looked up to see Louis, standing there, right in front of her. She did a *Face Palm* right there in front of him and sighed. "Louis, you know I'm not over you, you know I still love you, right?" Zoey asked him. "Uhhh... Yeah... I guess." He answered nervously. "Well pretending to be your girlfriend still won't help me get over you. It will give me false hope. Keep me thinking that, you got it wrong, you were confused, you still love me, we'll get back together, what I saw wasn't real, I was just tired and stressed, it was ALL a dream. But, Louis, I KNOW it's not, I know it, I do, but just the slightest thing will change my mind. The slightest thing Lou. So, just think about that okay?" Zoey confessed. Louis looked down. Looking hurt and embarrassed. He nodded his head and sighed. Louis gave her a kiss on the forehead and said, "I'll miss you Zo, I really will. So can we still be friends for now, at least?" "I will miss you too Lou, but no, we can't be friends at the moment, it won't work because I'll just fall for you over and over again. Maybe we should stay FAR from friends. That doesn't mean never though Lou, just until I move on and find somebody else who can make my life fun, a blast and just an adventure that hasn't yet been explored. Bye Louis William Tomlinson, it's been fun." Zoey made her point clear. Louis nodded and walked away. Cassie and Zoey both got out of the car and walked towards the people and music. "Well done Zo, you did well just then." Cassie smiled, "You should be proud." Zoey smiled too and nodded and started to walk to the juice stand slowly. She then stopped suddenly. "Actually Cass, you're right, I should! I'm gonna enjoy tonight, make it last, live it as if it were our last!! Bring on the partyyyyy!!" Zoey shouted happily. She ran up to the stand and stole a whole bunch of beverages. The juice stand man yelled at her but didn't go after her as he had more. All of the girls were cheering her on shouting things like, 'Go Zoey!' And 'Yeah you tell 'em Zo!' Zoey started to get more confident and ran out to the water and got into a jet ski. She revved it up and cheered too. It was the Zoey everyone had ever wished for. Zoey was alive! "I'm invisible babyyyyy, yeah!! Nothing's gonna stop me now!!" She shouted while riding out to sea. "Don't go too far Zo!" Cassie yelled from the sand, "You don't know where you'll end up!!" "Oh please, you wanted me to loosen up, well this is what I'm doing!! Stop telling me what to do!! I'm living life babyyyy!! Making up for all the fun I missed being sad, sensible and hated!! Rock onnnnn suckerz!!" Zoey yelled back enjoying her ride. After she'd said that it seemed as if she went to far and disappeared into the horizon when she had only went around the corner to Bluewater Cave. She rode further and further till she came to a stop. The jet ski started to slow down more and more. She had run out of petrol. It didn't seem to bother her though, she shrugged her shoulders and jumped into the water. Zoey looked at her surroundings and saw Bluewater cave about 100 metres behind her. She tied her hair back with a black hair tie and swam to the cave. The water was so refreshing. She enjoyed the freedom she never felt before and ducked under the water to see if she could see any fish. She saw one rainbow striped fish and millions on tiny gold fish swimming around her feet. She laughed as they tickled her legs. Her head pooped back up from under the water and crawled up along the golden sand feeling it through her fingers. Breathing in the fresh air. She was having fun for once, letting go. Just leaving life behind and creating a new one, a new Zoey. She walked up the steps of the Bluewater Cave. She sat down on the cold smooth bluish cave walls and sighed. "Letting go, why didn't I do this a longgg time ago? Haha" Zoey sighed and laughed to herself. She looked up to her side and about thirty metres away was a guy. About the same age as her, seventeen years old. She smiled at the thought of making a new friend. The boy had brown hair that naturally flipped the the right side with a small flick at the end. The flick was a light blond colour. He was wearing dark black sunglasses. He was wearing a blue shirt and blue coloured Vans. His shorts went up to just above the knee and were a light denim colour that frayed at the bottom edge. He was sitting alone on the patch of grass not far away. Zoey got up after studying him and walked over. He looked up at her and smiled. "Hey, I'm Max Joe Ferguson" he said softly and polite. Zoey smiled even more, held her hand out and said, "Zoey Penkalton, I came to this cave to let go of life." Max laughed slightly and stood up to shake her hand. "May I ask, why you're wet??" He asked. Zoey looked down at her clothes and shook her head forgetting that she had just been swimming. "Jet ski broke down so I had to swim over, haha" She explained. Max nodded. "Want to walk with me, back to the beach party, it's about a mile on the road back, I don't want to walk it alone." Zoey put out her hand for him to take. He smiled, nodded and grasped her hand. They started to walk back while talking about everything. About life, death, letting go, talking about themselves and just laughing. Max had a lonely past with nobody actually liking him and he felt loved. Almost as if it was love at first sight. This felt instant. Zoey felt the exact same way. "Hey, look, I don't know why, but, it feels like we're meant to be, you know, like you're the one for me. I know we only met, like, three hours ago but, I like you." Max confessed. Zoey nodded, "I feel the same way" "Maxy!! Who's this?" One of Max's sisters walked up to them in the street. "Oh, uhh, hey Emily, I didn't expect to see you here." Max said surprised. "Well I was on my way to the beach party, same as you I guess anyway who are you?" Emily asked Zoey. "Zoey" Zoey said. "Hey Max!! Is this your new girlfriend? What's her name?" Max's other sister said walking up to them with her boyfriend Zachary Jacobson. "Hey Hayley, this is my girlfriend Zoey, Zoey these are my two sisters Hayley and Emily." Max introduced. Zoey smiled and shook both of there hands. "And I'm Zach" Zachary smiled shaking her hand too. "Well, Hayls, Em, Zach, we should probably walk to the beach together now I guess." Max suggested. They all walked up to the party and everyone stopped and stared. "Zoey, where have you been the last four hours, I was so worried!!" Louis asked Zoey frantically. "Lou, you're not involved in my life anymore, please, you cheated, it's over, you don't have the right the worry." Zoey explained calmly, "Louis, let go! Just just let go of us." Max took Zoey's hand and took her away from him. "I won't ask because it is none of my business okay? So don't tell me if you don't want to." Max assured. Zoey smiled and they walked along the shore together. Hand in hand. Thinking about their new relationship. They eventually sat down on the sand and smiled at eachother. Max leaned forward and kissed Zoey. She cuddled him tightly and then knew, THIS was where she wanted to be, THIS was where she NEEDED to be. To feel safe, to feel free, to feel life and most importantly, to feel loved. They looked along the horizon line and enjoyed the rest of the night together. 
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