Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


19. Thank You

Yeah so every 8 chapters I'm going to write a thank you chapter to all my Lovelies out there! I would like to thank all my Lovelies. I know nothing is happening in the story really but just wait ;) OH and one more thing you should know. Everytime I write an authors note that means that's the last chapter for the day. Just wanted to let you konw that.  I don't think anyone is reading my book and I know I sound pathetic and a loser but I wanna give up on writing, but I love writing something. Its like me with a canvase and I'm the artist. You know? Yeah....I'm just like that.

Plus none of you are asking any questions to me :(  (It's ok I understand that you think I'm boring). Anyway so yeah....please comment Fluffly Unicorns if you want me to continue.Don't feel bad for me I kinda hate getting pitty from people but sometimes it cheers me up. Well thank you for helping me through this wonderful journey. Oh and theres one IMPORTANT person who has been by my side drom the very beginning. I would like to thank...drum roll please........MzNuclear!!! She has been by my side and she doesn't even know me in real life! She's a sweet gal. Thank you so much my Lovelies. I love you all! See you later?

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