Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


7. Chapter 6: Didn't I See You Before?

Niall's POV

*Five minutes later*

                                                             "Ok well I think I'm ready to meet her. Do you know what her name is?" I asked. Emily flashed me a warm smile filled with happiness and started speaking"Her name is Brooke."Brooke? Wait my little sister Brooke? No, it must be another girl named Brooke. Yeah it's probably a coincidence. I think I'll stick with that conclusion. I got off my seat and Emily lead me to Brooke's room. Wait, if this IS my little sister Brooke she would have that necklace our original parents gave us.It was specially made for us. I had the piece that said 'Brother' and she would have the piece that said'Sister'. The two pieces together would form a teddy bear. I know it's childish, but I kept it. My thought were interupted when Emily opened the door and there she was. I saw her necklace and it was the other piece! I thought I would never see Brooke ever again! Joy was bursting through my body and I just wanted to see that smile on her face. I hope she remembers me."Brooke is that really you?"(see what I did there?) I asked trying not to get my hopes up.

Brooke's POV

* Five minutes before*

                                                         When Em left I turned on the telly and I suddenly stopped at one channel that caught my eye. "The famous Niall Horan from One Direction was last spotted near his house, running last night." The reporter said quickly before talking more about this 'One Direction' band. No that can't be my brother. I knew he liked to sing a lot, but I don't remember him dreaming to be in a band before. I don't know any other people named Niall Horan but it could just be a coincidence maybe? Five minutes passed and I was about to fall asleep until I heard a voice call my name. My eyes shot open and I saw that boy from telly."Brooke is that really you" he asked. "Yes and you are? Niall? I'm not sure I thought I just saw you on the telly." I said a bit confused. How does he know my name. Then I froze when I saw his necklace. It was brother.

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