Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


24. Chapter 20: Break-Up

Louis' POV

                                                                                            I paced around the room trying to think how could I let her down easy. Maybe Eleanor saw this coming? No she's in love with me,but I'm not anymore. I just feel like we have a friendship and not a couple one. Just then I heard the door open and three people stood in front of me. It was Liam, Harry, and Zayn, but no Niall. What were they doing here?....Oh wait I left them..oops? "Hey sorry for leaving early. I lied, I wasn't tired I just need to think about something." I said. "Mind if you tell us mate?" Liam asked. Should I tell them about Brooke? I can't lie to them anymore becase they'll find out sooner or later. Well, here it goes.

                                                                                      "IthinkI'mfallingforBrooke" I said quickly. "Woah slow down Louis. Tell us clearly." Zayn commanded. "I think I'm falling for......Brooke." I said. Everyone gasped besides Liam. "So that's why you were acting wierd." Liam pointed out. "Wait did Brooke notice?" I asked. Please say no, please. "Yes Louis, she did." He replied. Damn I probably won't have a chance for her. "Um mate what do you mean you won't have a chance with her?" Harry asked. "Shit,was I talking in my thought?" I asked. They all nodded their heads. "Well I wouldn't say that Louis. I think Brooke likes you too. When I was talking to Brooke she clenched her fist when I mentioned you and Eleanor. She didn't realize that though and continued talking." Liam said.

                                                                                           "Have you thought about telling El?" Zayn asked. "I have been for the whole day,Zayn. I can't just go up to her and say 'We're breaking up because I love another girl more than you.' That would be rude. I'll let fate take it's time and place when I talk to El." I replied. Harry patted my back and said "Let her down gently. El is a sweet girl and don't crush her feelings and hope she finds someone who will love her." I agree with him. El does deserve a better man than me. "Okay.I'll call her tomorrow and we'll meet up and talk." I said.

                                                                                           There's no going back after this call, Louis. 'Can I do this privately' I mouthed to them and then they left. I picked up my phone and dialed her number. After about four rings she answered "Hey Lou!"  "Oh hey El, can we meet up tomorrow and talk?" I asked. "Okay sure honey! Love you." She cheerfully replied. I gulped and said "Okay I'll meet you at our favorite cafe.Bye" I hanged up and fell back on my bed.

Eleanor's POV

                                                                                                Why did Lou want to meet up with me tomorrow? Oh maybe it's just one of his together time with me again. I was a bit worried though. Maybe I should tell him tomorrow,I hope he doesn't get mad or upset. I feel more like a friend to him. I practiced talking about the secret by myself in my room. Oh this is going to be hard to tell him. I might regret telling sweet Lou. Maybe it's better that way? Yeah...probably. I walked to my closet and slipped on some pj's and went to bed.


                                                                                                 Ugh I forgot to close my curtains again. Oh well what can I do? Just then I remembered yesterday and Lou's call. How am I going to break the news to him? I got up from my bead and took a long shower. During that time I kept thinking about the secret. I got out and wrapped my hair and body with a towel. I put on some light pink skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a heart in the middle. The heart was designed with the British flag. I put on some light brown ankle boots and put on a light touch of lip gloss. I got a text from Lou saying to meet him at the cafe in about five minutes. Well I live close to the cafe so that was good.

*Five minutes later*

                                                                                                I sat at a table and waited for Lou. Seconds later he came in and spotted me. Some fans asked for pictures or autographs so it took a while to get at the table. He finally got to me and we greeted each other. Lou's too sweet. How can I tell him this? "We need to talk." we both said at the same time."Oh you may go first El." Lou said. Okay this is going to be tougher because he's acting like a gentleman. I gulped and said "Louis.....I don't think this relationship can last any longer. I'm so sorry if I broke your heart. I-it's just that I think my heart belongs to someone else." I looked at him, he was sad and a little...relieved? "Okay so what do you have to say Louis?" I asked. "I agree with you Eleanor...." Wait he-what? "....I'm falling for someone else too. Maybe we could stay as best friends?" I was happy that Lou wasn't sad and relived that he liked someone else. You think I'm mad but I'm not.

                                                                                                "So can you tell me who your falling for, El?" He asked. Well I told him so I guess I can't turn back. "I think I'm falling for Josh." I said. He had a confused look on his face. "Wait you mean Josh Devine.....our drummer?" Lou asked. "Yes" I replied. "Well you shouldn't be here right now! You should go talk to him! Maybe he fancies you,girl!" Lou said happily. "Oh before I go talk to him. May I ask who you fancy?" I asked. "Brooke, Niall's sister. I think I told you about her once." I nodded my head. "Hey go get her Lou! C'mon she probably likes you too. Even though I don't know her she'll be perfect for you!" I cheered. We said our good bye's and left.

                                                                                                  When I got home I dialed Josh's number. "Hello?" he answered. "Hey Josh it's me El." I said "Oh hey El. Did you need something?" He asked. Okay here I go. "Josh I need to tell you something important. I don't know if you'll feel the same."  "Okay what is is?"  "Josh I broke up with Lou and well he fancies someone else and I do too. We were actually happy and now we're just friends."I said.  "Oh well um who do you fancy El?" He asked. "Y-you Josh" I stuttered. There was a small silence and Josh spoke "El....I feel the same about you. Will you go out with me?" I just wanted to scream yes but I took a deep breath and answered with a smile "Yes I would love to Josh."

*After the date*

                                                                                            Josh and I walked up to my door and we stopped and stared at each other. His eyes were gorgeous and I had butterflies in my stomach fluttering quickly. Josh slowly leaned in and then. Bam! He kissed me! I kissed back with a smile. "Thanks Josh" I said. "No problem. Oh and before I go. Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked with a faint blush. I answered his question with a kiss and we both said good bye. Damn I'm so happy now. I wish the same happen to Lou and Brooke.

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