Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


22. Chapter 18: The Date

Emily's POV

                                                                                                  I woke up smiling and I still had the butterflies from last night! I'm just too excited for this date with Niall. It's not because of his fame,I didn't care about that, I just feel different being with Niall. Well to be honest I never felt like this with any other guy. Yeah....I just reject every other guy who asks me out because I don't want to be one of those heart-broken girls. My conscience says that he's not the type of guy who will leave me heart-broken,but I could be wrong. I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at the time. It was almost eleven o'clock. "Crap I need to be ready by at least eleven fifty." I mumbled.

                                                                                                I looked at myself and the mirror and wonder. Why does Niall choose me? Out of all those slim pretty girls out there begging to be with him....why me? I shrugged off that question and headed for the shower. I washed and rinsed and whatever was needed to be done. I wrapped my slef in a towel and chose out my outfit. I picked dark blue skinny jeans,neon green converse to make my outfit pop,and my new shirt from Aeropostale with the words LOVE written on there. I quickly put on my oufit and dried my hair. I decided not to put make-up on because it didn't go with my look. After I was happy with my look I ran downstairs and greeted my parents and sister. I ate my breakfast and sat on the couch and waited.

Niall's POV

                                                                                                  As I got ready for my date,the boys and Brooke started to wake up.Oh yeah I forgot to mention that they stayed over for the night since it was getting late. I did my morning routines and when I was done I dressed up. I didn't have to bring a hoddie or sunglasses because I made sure the place would be reserved. I remember Brooke telling me how much Em likes to go to the park. I didn't really plan things out so I'll see where fate takes me. I ran downstairs and ate my breakfast and cleaned up. I left some pancakes for the boys and Brooke to eat. I prepaired a nice lunch for me and Em and put it in a basket.

                                                                                               "Niall are you ready to go on your date?" Brooke asked when I turned around. I guess she prepaired herself, when I was down stairs because she changed out of her outfit and wore something else. "Yeah I can't wait to see Em. She's the most gorgeous girl I have ever met" I gushed. "Don't break her heart Niall. She always rejected guys,but not you so don't screw it up!" Brooke warned while pointing her finger at me."Yes I promise." I said. "Okay good." Brooke replied. Even though Brooke is younger than me, she acts mature. She still is fun though. "So does this make me her first date?" I asked nervously. I was never like this with any of my past girlfriends,they ended up to be just my friends.

                                                                            "Yes Niall. You will be her first date. And like I said before don't screw this up." I nodded and left the house. I started the engine and drove to her house. After about ten minutes later I arrived. I checked the time and it was twelve. Perfect. I got out of the car and knocked. The door opened and showed a lady maybe in her early thirties standing in front of me. "Oh you must be Niall right?....," the lady asked and I nodded and shooke her hand." I'm Patricia, Emily's mum. I hope you make my daughter happy today because she has never dated anyone before." " I promise to keep your daughter happy." I said. Sometimes I break promises, but this one will always stay true.

                                                                                Just then Em walked over to me and said hi. She took my breath away because Em was stunning. I smiled and held her hand. We waved goodbye and walked to the car. Before she opened the door I jogged over and opened it for her. Em flashed the most cutest smile I have ever seen and said thank you. I quickly ran to my side and drove. I turned on some music and it was Oath. "Hey this is the song Brooke and I listen to all the time!" Em giggled. "Wow Brooke told me that was her ringtone for you." I laughed.

*At the park*

                                                                                        We talked about random things during the car ride. I learned so much about her there, that I thought we would have nothing to talk about at the park. "Hey Em can you close your eyes? It's a surprise!" I asked. She listened and covered her eyes, smiling.

Emily's POV

                                                                                           I wonder what Niall had planned? I didn't care what it was,as long as Niall was there. I felt the car stop and the door slam close. Then I heard something from the back open. Proabably just the trunk."Em do you have your eyes closed still?" I heard Niall asked. "Yes" I responded. There was some shuffling noises and the trunk closed. What could this boy be planning? I heard my side of the door open and I'm guessing Niall took of my seatbelt. He gently took me out of the car and started walking,while making sure I won't fall.

                                                                                      We both stopped walking and Niall spoke"Okay you can open your eyes now." I removed my hands from my eyes and gasped. We were in a park! My most favorite places to go to. Then I saw a table and it had my favortie food laid out. This was so cute! I hugged Niall and said"Thank you so much Niall!" "No problem. I couldn't have done this without Brooke's help anyway. She told me your favorite things." Wow Brooke really wanted this to be perfect. I don't know how to return the favor to her! "Well Niall it's perfect no matter what. As long as your here I'll always be happy. Oh and remind me to thank Brooke" I giggled.

                                                                                     We sat down at the table and ate our food. Then I just realized something. This park is always crowded and was never empty. I looked around and no one was here besides me and Niall. Niall gave me a questiong look and I asked" Hey Niall, where is everyone? This place is never empty." "Oh I rented out the park for today because I wanted today to be perfect." He replied. "Awwww how sweet Niall." I cooed"You didn't have to do that for me." "Well I just wanted to tell how special you are to me" Niall said and blushed.

*After eating*

                                                                                      Niall and I went to the swings and talked there for a while. He stopped swinging and told me to wait here, so I obeyed. I saw him run to his car and pulled out something from the trunk. Is that a guitar? That's one of my most favourite instrument. Then he pulled out another one! Wow Brooke must have told him a lot about me. He ran over carefully trying not to drop it. "Let me guess,Brooke told you about it?" I asked. "Yup" Niall replied, popping the p. He handed me the guitar. I held it and Niall asked"So you want to play Oath?" I answered him by playing some of the notes. He started singing and I sang with him. Wow his voice is so angelic.

                                                                                          By the end of the song Niall looked at me. "Brooke told me you sing and showed me a recording. Now that I listened to you face-to-face,you sound so much better." I blushed and looked down. Then Niall setted the guitars down and stood up. He held my hand and walked over to a small lake. "Hey Em can I ask you something?" Niall asked. I nodded my head and he continued."I never felt like this before....and I just want to ask.....will you be my girlfriend?"

Niall's POV

                                                                                            "Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked. I just wanted her to be mine forever. And what I said was true. I never had this kind of feeling with any of my past girlfriends before. I was hoping Em would say yes because then I would always know we'll be together. She flashed that same cute smile and said"I would love to!" Now I know my life is complete. We both stared at eachother and our lips were getting closer. Then I felt fireworks when my lips met her lips. That was the best kiss i ever had! She blushed and spoke "Niall you were my first kiss." "And I want to be your last first kiss Em." (Song reference! And to my friend: Yes I just put a song reference! :D) I will never leave her side.

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