Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


18. Chapter 15:Girls Day Out

Brooke's POV

                                                                              It took about half an hour to the mall. Back when we were in the car I learned about how Niall got into One Direction and their fame. I always knew that ever since Niall and I were little he always had a passion for music. He's the one who taught me how to play the guitar,but I only remember only a little since....well yeah I'm guessing you know. My mum and I stopped at the entrance of the mall. "Sweetie I'm guessing since you are old enough to be alone we will split up. Meet me at Nando's in the mall at about...hmmm since it's eleven o'clock me there at three?" She asked while walking inside. "Sure mum" I hugged her and went our separate ways. Then mum stopped and ran back to me handing me a credit card. "I thought about it and gave this to you. You may use as much money as you want sweetie." She ran off before I could protest. Wow as much as I want.....I won't use as much.

                                                                         Hmmm where to go? I looked at the map of the mall and saw there was an Aeropostale. I slipped the credit card in my pocket and walked. I hope no one noticed me yet or this day sure would be like hell. As I was walking I accidentally knocked into someone and we both fell. "I'm so sorry" I apologized and helped the person up. "Wait, Brooke it's you?!" The girl yelled. I looked at her and yelled"Emily! What are you doing here?" I know people were looking at us funny but I don't care. "Oh I had my week off for vacation. It just started today." Emily replied,"So where are you going?" "Aeropostale. How about you?" I asked. " Oh wow me too!" Emily laughed. Then, we rushed inside the store and searched through the clothing.

*In the store*

                                                                                  "Hey Em do you think this shirt will look good on me?" I asked while holding up the t-shirt with the words Aeropostale written on it. "You will look amazing girl" Em replied while I skipped off to the changing room. She followed behind me. We tried on our clothing and did a little fashion show. "Haha this is so fun Brooke! We should do this more often." She giggled. "Yeah we really should." I replied while twirling around in my dress. It was a casual one that you could wear a denim jacket with. It was really cute because it was a patel yellow with pink petals for the prints. I changed back into my own clothes and paid for my clothing. Em did the same. I looked at the time and it was twelve'oclock. "Hey wanna go to the small cafe and grab a drink?" Em asked. "Sure does it have any sweets there." "Well you'll find out soon."Em winked. We both headed to the small cafe and ordered our food and such.


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