Is That Really You?*Complete*

Hi I'm Brooke Horan. It's been quite a long time since I've seen my brother, and I don't think you need to know who he is judging by me last name. Anyway, our parents were killed in an accident when we were around the ages of seven or eight. Well, this is how my story goes...


13. Chapter 11: The Waiter

Niall's POV

                                                    Wow, I am really proud of my sister for standing up for her self. Most people I know would just crumble and start crying. Brooke definitely grew up, but in my eyes I will always see her as a wild child. As we were walking closer to Nandos, the paparazzi jumped in front of the door and asked me questions like- "Niall when did you get a sister?, What's her name?, Does anyone in the band fancy her? or Why hasn't she been seen with you before?" I couldn't get in so Paul made the crowd disperse so we could get in. I grabbed Brooke's hand and brought her in. She smiled at me and a waiter brought us to our table.

                                                       We sat down with the boys and looked at our menus. Maybe about five minutes later a waiter came and asked for what we wanted to drink. When he finally got to Brooke he was checking her out and tried flirting.....I didn't like it because she was MY sister. I guess she didn't know because when the waiter gave her his number ,she refused. Ha in your face! You failed at flirting with my sister! I just wanted to jump up and yell that in his face, but that would be rude.

Louis's POV

                                                           I think Brooke has no idea that the waiter was flirting with her. I covered my mouth and tried not to laugh. As soon as the waiter left, I let out a quiet laugh. "Hey what are you laughing at, Louis?" Brooke asked. "I can not believe YOU didn't notice that the waiter was flirting with you. It was so hilarious!" I burst out while laughing. "Oh, I um.....I guess you're right because I was wondering why he was upset when I refused his number." She replied. Everyone started laughing.

Our drinks finally came and we ordered our food. Niall and Brooke both ordered the same thing at the same time. Wow now that was what Niall probably meant.


Hey sorry I couldn't post yesterday. I'm hoping for some feedback please? I just don't know what to do now. I really need support in this. Sorry everyone I just don't know to end it or not.

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