Perrie's couisn

Jess is living the life as a teenage girl. The only catch is that she is cousins with Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix. When her parents die unexpectedly one day Jess has to live with Perrie. What happens when she meets her favorite band One Direction? Will there be romance?


3. Hospital

Perrie's POV

Me and the girls were rocking out to the radio when all of a sudden we saw a car crash. Being the girls we are we stopped and looked to see what happened and of everyone was ok. When we got there Jade went up to the police officer and asked 

"Um excuse me Mr police officer what exactly happened?"

"To tell you the truth Miss I don't know. We heard from witnesses that a car came speeding down the road and hit this damaged car" 

"Did the people in the crash survive?" I butted in.

"The couple in the car didn't make it. You can have a look if you want to." he said.

"Ok thank you."

So me and the girls went up to the bodies and I couldn't believe what I saw.

"Um guys I will be right back I need to make a call. Don't leave these bodies."

"Ok" they replied.

P= Jess?

J= Yeah per?

P= umm how do I put this... Well ur parents got into a car crash.

J= WHAT???

P= I don't know. Go to the hospital and wait for me and the girls to get there with your parents

J= ok thank you Perrie see you there

"Ok girls you guys go back to the car I need to ask the doctors a question." 

"Ok but hurry back" they said.

I went up to the doctor and asked if I could ride in the ambulance with them.

"Do you even know these people?"

"Yes they are my aunt and uncle!!"

"Are you sure because we were just about to contact their daughter Jess"

"Don't worry about that I already did"

"Ok you can ride in the ambulance" 

"Thank you" 

I went back to the car and told the girls what happened and they said that they would follow the ambulance to the hospital. 

Skye's POV

Ughhh. We have to go to the hospital. But it must be something important if Jess was there. Once we arrived we saw Jess crying into a girl's shoulder. We ran up to her and it was Perrie Edwards!! We asked if she was alright and she said no her parents died in a car crash. Poor Jess

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