Perrie's couisn

Jess is living the life as a teenage girl. The only catch is that she is cousins with Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix. When her parents die unexpectedly one day Jess has to live with Perrie. What happens when she meets her favorite band One Direction? Will there be romance?


2. He did what now?

Jess's POV

"Guess what guys!" I stated. "What?" Skye and Becca said at the same exact time. "So I know how much you guys love one direction and got you guys meet and greet tickets and front row seats at their concert!" I said excitedly. "OMG!!! How did you get  them? They are sold out." Skye told me. "I know people." I said to her.  Now that that is over I can go text Brian. (J= Jess B=Brian) 

J= hey babe!

B= hey! Can u come over later?

J= sure. I just did the nicest thing for my friends! 

B= what did you do? You sometimes aren't the nicest person...

J= I got them tickets to a one direction concert... Eww

B= what you don't like them? Haha

J= no they aren't really my type anyways I have to go can I come over in 30 minutes? 

B= yeah that sounds fine see you then ;)

Ahh I get to see Brian! 

Skye's POV

I can't believe that Jess got me and Becca one direction tickets!! "I am soo excited!!!" I said to Becca. " I know same! But I feel bad that she has to go through all that trouble for us." Becca said. Next thing I know Jess is calling. 

****PHONE CALL****

J= hey Skye can u come to the hospital

S= yeah what happened 

J= I will tell you when you get here 


"Looks like we are going to the hospital Becca" I said.

Jess's POV

Why me? Why did my parents have to die? Ughhh now I have no where to live. Why does this happen to my life? 


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