“ I got you guys a cabin for the summer!” My mom said as we all cheered. What we didn’t know was that this summer was going to be a summer well remember for the rest of our lives.

Hi my names Alexis. My best friends are Shelby Grey, Madison Johnson, Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Austin Mahone. You may know Austin Mahone as being a famous singer but to me, he’s one of my best friends. We all have been friends since 6th grade and were all really close. Everything was all good between us until Austin got famous and moved to Florida. The girls and I haven’t really hung out with Austin in over a year but we’ve talked on the phone, skyped, and tweeted each other. It just wasn’t the same. That’s when my mom said that we should get a cabin on a lake and hangout for the summer. Everyone agreed. This is going to be such an awesome summer!


24. chapter 24

  Austin helped me up and carried me inside  “You didn’t have to carry me, silly!” I said while he put me on the counter in the bathroom. “I don’t want you walking!” he said smiling at me. He went and looked for a band aid. He cleaned my cut and put the band aid on. I just watched him. I love how hes so caring. “All better!” he said helping me down. I looked up into his eyes. “Why are you so perfect?” I said in a serious tone. He just chuckled and leaned against the wall. “No, why are you so perfect?” he asked. I looked at him with a weird face. “Get real! I’m no where near perfect.” I said. “But you’re my kind of perfect.” he said and kissed me. “I think we should get back to our war..” I said. “Come on. My team’s going to win!” he said poking my sides. I wiggled and pushed his hands away. “No way! I bet the girls already captured the guys” I said  We walked out and I was completely wrong. Alex was holding Sarah and Robert had Shelby. “Well..” I said. Then I felt Austin’s arms around my waist. “Since you girls lost, us boys get to decide on what you guys have to do.” Alex said. I was getting a little scared. They were probably the best at coming up with the craziest things. The boys went inside and talked for about ten minutes. “OK, we have decided on something.” Robert said. “We are going to do your guyss makeup how we want.” Alex said. “And then you guys are going to go up to every cabin and say hello.” Austin finished. This should be good. Austin was doing my make up. I gave him all the supplies to do it. He grabbed the eyeliner and started to put it on my eyebrows.”Austin-” I started my he just put a finger up to my lips. When I was done, I looked horrible and so did the other girls. We walked outside and started to go to our first house. “I cant believe we’re doing this. We look ugly!” Shelby said. I knocked on the door and this very attractive guy answered. His face was priceless. “Um… Hi?” he said. “Just to let you know, we don’t normally look like this!” Shelby said. He laughed and asked, “Uh, why do you look like that?” I laughed. “Long story. Well we have to get going! Nice talking to you.” I said and pulled Shelby and Sarah to the next house. We did all the houses and got the same faces. They probably wanted to know what was wrong with us. Lets just say, if we were to throw a party and invited everyone. No one would come. 

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