“ I got you guys a cabin for the summer!” My mom said as we all cheered. What we didn’t know was that this summer was going to be a summer well remember for the rest of our lives.

Hi my names Alexis. My best friends are Shelby Grey, Madison Johnson, Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Austin Mahone. You may know Austin Mahone as being a famous singer but to me, he’s one of my best friends. We all have been friends since 6th grade and were all really close. Everything was all good between us until Austin got famous and moved to Florida. The girls and I haven’t really hung out with Austin in over a year but we’ve talked on the phone, skyped, and tweeted each other. It just wasn’t the same. That’s when my mom said that we should get a cabin on a lake and hangout for the summer. Everyone agreed. This is going to be such an awesome summer!


16. chapter 16


We were just chilling on the couch when I got a message.

Madison: I’m sorry about Darcy…. She shouldn’t have said that. I’m really sorry! Can I come back?

Me: Madison, you already chose to go with your ‘friend’ Darcy and I thought you never wanted to talk to me?

Madison: I was wrong! I’m sorry… If our friendship is ruined over this stupid thing then I don’t think we were close enough friends.

Me: Okay that’s not helping at all with coming back! Plus the house is already full. Matt has joined us for the rest of the summer.

Madison: Matt? Why him? I thought him and Shelby would break up after he tells her

Me: Tell her what?

Madison: What Darcy and Matt did..

Me: What did they do?

Madison: They did stuff. Sexual stuff.

After that I didn’t want to text her anymore. “What’s the matter?” Austin asked me. I just shrugged my shoulders. He came and put his arm around me. I showed him my phone and he read the messages. “So he cheated on her?!” Austin said in an angry voice. “Austin calm down. We don’t know for sure!” I said trying to calm him down. He stood up. “When he gets here, me and him are going to have a little talk.” He said starting to pace. All of a sudden the door opens and I hear Matt. I looked at Austin who stopped pacing and looked towards the door. He started walking around the couch. I jumped over the back of it and stood in front of him, one hand on his chest. “Austin, don’t” I said, looking at him with worry voice. Everyone had confusion on their face. “Please. Leave it be. Let me talk to him before you do anything stupid.” I said as Austin calmed down. He went and sat down in the chair across the room. “Matt can I talk to you?” I asked him. He nodded and we went outside. “Someone had told me that you and Darcy did some stuff.” I said flat out. I watched his reaction. I watched him go from confused, to mad, to sad. “Darcy and I didn’t do anything while Shelby and I were dating. We did stuff a couple of days before and that’s all!” he said.

Mmmm What did Darcy and Matt do???

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