“ I got you guys a cabin for the summer!” My mom said as we all cheered. What we didn’t know was that this summer was going to be a summer well remember for the rest of our lives.

Hi my names Alexis. My best friends are Shelby Grey, Madison Johnson, Alex Constancio, Robert Villanueva, and Austin Mahone. You may know Austin Mahone as being a famous singer but to me, he’s one of my best friends. We all have been friends since 6th grade and were all really close. Everything was all good between us until Austin got famous and moved to Florida. The girls and I haven’t really hung out with Austin in over a year but we’ve talked on the phone, skyped, and tweeted each other. It just wasn’t the same. That’s when my mom said that we should get a cabin on a lake and hangout for the summer. Everyone agreed. This is going to be such an awesome summer!


15. chapter 15

  In the morning I woke up to blankets all around me and a sleeping Austin on my right side. I slowly got up and went to my room to brush my teeth. I walked in to see Robert sprawled over Austin’s bed. I chuckled at the sight. After I got done, it was 9. I thought I was the only one up until Sarah came out of Alex’s room.”Oh hey Alexis!” she said. “I thought I was the only one up.” I said. “Well now you know!” she said with a smile. We went into the kitchen. “Do you think there’s any pancake mix?” she asked looking through the cupboards. “Um I think my mom said she got some…” I said joining her. “Found it!” she said bringing it out of the cupboard. “We should make everyone pancakes.” She said. “Okay! I love pancakes.” I said and we started mixing all the things together. She started pouring while I went and got everyone up. I went and got Austin up first. I poked him on the cheek until he started opening his eyes. “Hey. You want some pancakes? Hey. Get up. Get up” I said while still poking him. He opened them completely and stared at me. “What did you say about pancakes?” he asked. I just laughed and got up. “There in the kitchen!” I said while going up the stairs. I went and woke everyone else up. They were all tired and I wonder why. I went to the kitchen and saw Sarah had made like 20 already. “Holy cow, Sarah!” I said. She laughed and kept pouring them on the pan. I looked at what she was making and saw a heart shaped pancake cooking. “Aw that’s so cute! You giving that to Alex?” I asked her. She nodded and flipped the pancake.  Shelby then wanted to make a pancake like Sarah’s but it didn’t really work out. It broke while she was flipping it. I tried to make a turtle with the stuff that was left but I didn’t have enough batter for its last leg. It was a 3 legged turtle. After breakfast, the couples went on a romantic ride on the golf cart. I don’t think it’s going to be very romantic considering Alex was driving. Robert asked if he could borrow my car to go into town and get something from home but I told him he has to fill her up after he’s done. This leaves Austin and I alone. “What do you want to go and do?” he asked me. I had to think for a couple of minutes but then I decided on what to do. “Alex said there was a water fall on a trail that you guys went on. We could go to that!” I said. “I was thinking about doing that later tonight… Anything else?” Austin asked. “We could just hang around here.” I said. It wasn’t really fun but we could make it fun. Not in any perverted way though. “We could go in the hot tub! We haven’t been in there since we’ve been here.” He said. “That’s because it’s been super hot.” I said. “It’s only like 60 degrees!” he said. “That’s way too hot to go into the hot tub! It has to be like 4o.” I said. I wasn’t going in the hot tub. It really was way too hot!

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