Is This Just A Dream

Rainchel and Evelyn(her bff) are ordinary seniors in high school.They decided 2
work at "Nandos" 2 get extra money 2 buy a apartment next 2 their school.
because they are tired 2 go 2 their LOUD school bus.In the first day of their job
they got an uninvited guest it was ONE DIRECTION!!!Read what happens next.


49. The Breaking News

Elizabeth P.O.V

i was in the mall with Rainchel and Evi.we were in the food court.Rainchel begged us to.Well i was so borred i was already done.Rainchel texted me that she was datting niall horan!i texted heer back saying ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!then evi texted me saying im datting harry styles!!!i replied how did u guys meet????evi replied NANDOS i replied WOW do u work there???

she replied yup i rep,lied paycheck  she rellied had 10 me and rainchel bought an apartment its urs to!!!!

i replied yeah!!!

after tthat i think  evi and raincchel were texting.

Rainchel P.O.V

me and evi were texting random shit.after that she textd.please hang with harry when he is better i wont u guys to now each other a little ill hang with niall for the day :)

i reploed ok


Hey guys this is the last chapter of is this just a dream theres gunna be a 2nd part called so lonely 

bye love you!!! :)

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