Is This Just A Dream

Rainchel and Evelyn(her bff) are ordinary seniors in high school.They decided 2
work at "Nandos" 2 get extra money 2 buy a apartment next 2 their school.
because they are tired 2 go 2 their LOUD school bus.In the first day of their job
they got an uninvited guest it was ONE DIRECTION!!!Read what happens next.


44. Tears,Twitter,Hate!!!!!!

As i went inside i gave the bus driver the money because i forgot yesterday.she smiled and said thank u.i said ur welcome.

as i saw rainchel we said our hellos.but rainchel didnt look happy and she always looks happy.i thought FOOD will do the job!!!because i know how much she likes food.i know her well i know when shes happy,sad,hungry(wich is most of the time,mad,and i also now wen she is bored.i took out the toast.and said "u want some??"she said of course but sad why is she sad shes never been this sad.i told her "wats wrong??"as she showed me her was on my i read it said:

@evelyn1995 i saw u and harry STYLES in the movies.i know why he didnt kiss u because he dosent LOVE u!!!if he saw me he would LOVE me and kiss ME in the first date.u slut u think he is deeply inlove u NOBODY is inlove with U!!!!P.S i hope u too will break up!!!!!


@evelyn1995 i also saw u and harry in the movies and  i think crystals right NOBODY likes u!!!!

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