Is This Just A Dream

Rainchel and Evelyn(her bff) are ordinary seniors in high school.They decided 2
work at "Nandos" 2 get extra money 2 buy a apartment next 2 their school.
because they are tired 2 go 2 their LOUD school bus.In the first day of their job
they got an uninvited guest it was ONE DIRECTION!!!Read what happens next.


24. My NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!

"Rainchel?!"I said shaking rainchel."What?"rainchel Said "and why are u waking me up 1:30am."rainchel also said "I have a nightmare."i said "What about?"rainchel asked."U now."i said. "Oh.Crystal."rainchel said.Crystal is this mean girl that has been in our class sense 4th grade.She always gets me and rainchel in trouble.How i hated her.She also acts so popular.Well she is one of the most popular girls in school.Popular people can be so mean."what about she say?"rainchel asked."she said im fat,mean,ugly,a bully and that i act soo popular."i said starting to cry."dont cry im pretty sure she was talking about her self.shes fat,ugly,mean,bully,and acts popular.and i forgot she's a bitch."rainchel said while we started giggling cause we now its true.Rainchel always cheers me up when I needed.

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