Is This Just A Dream

Rainchel and Evelyn(her bff) are ordinary seniors in high school.They decided 2
work at "Nandos" 2 get extra money 2 buy a apartment next 2 their school.
because they are tired 2 go 2 their LOUD school bus.In the first day of their job
they got an uninvited guest it was ONE DIRECTION!!!Read what happens next.


7. Just a regular Sunday

"WAKE UP!!!"i yelled while hitting Rainchel in the face with a pillow she is a sleeper. "Wake up,woman,Dude,Missy,Rainchel,RAINCHEL RAMIREZ U BETTER wake up now!!!"i yelled while hitting her still in the face with a pillow."Bitch!!!Dont u ever do that to me AGAIN!!!"she is yelled while choking me.When she finished the sentence she let go. "why are you waking me up,its Sunday???"she asked "whe have 2 go 2 church."I said "ugh"she said while walking to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready. Sence i was ready i decided 2 use my phone. Then she was ready.she wore her red glasses cause she didnt have time to put them on. we walked 2 the car and then drove 2 church.I knew it was gunna be a regular Sunday.

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