Is This Just A Dream

Rainchel and Evelyn(her bff) are ordinary seniors in high school.They decided 2
work at "Nandos" 2 get extra money 2 buy a apartment next 2 their school.
because they are tired 2 go 2 their LOUD school bus.In the first day of their job
they got an uninvited guest it was ONE DIRECTION!!!Read what happens next.


18. Getting Ready

Evelyn P.O.V So I was getting ready 2 meet Harry in the movies.I thought what am going to were its Harry Fucking Styles.Rainchel thought i should wear a pink shirt with black jeans and black converse.And i let my brown straight/ wavy hair loose.I got to admitte it i looked pretty good.Well i was done so i decided to go on twitter i got 80 more followers!!!!I followed them back cause i follow people back.Well when i was done following them back i got a text from harry it said:txt me when ready babe. ;) I texted back: Im ready and i live in (my adress),love you babe!xoxox ;) I got another txt from harry. okay babe see you later babe ;)

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