Who Do You Think You Are

Might possibly have somewhat mature thing but not that mature...but Lola had been going out with zayn for a while now, two years. But suddenly, she feels attracted to liam. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!


1. Was That A Big Mistake?

Walking around London holding Zayn's hand with a smile on my face shouldn't be that hard. But I hadn't been feeling the same way towards him as I had been for our relationship the past two years. I mean, I don't understand it. Who couldn't love Zayn? He has it all. He's flipping hot, great body, the best personality, most loving heart, one of the most beautiful singing voices in the world, and, well I mean, the list could go on forever. But if I think all these things, why don't I love him as much as I did before? But then, he, walks by and gives me a smile. Who is that he I speak of? Liam Payne, one of Zayn's best friends in the whole world. "hey Zayn, Lola. How you two love birds doing?" Liam asked. "oh just great" Zayn answered with a big smile on his face. I nodded in agreement even though I was thinking about Liam, not paying any attention to what Zayn had said. With that, we kept walking. When we got back to the hotel we were staying in, Zayn immediately pushed me on the bed, kissing my lips fiercely. "Zayn" He pulls off. "what Lola? Something wrong?" "actually, yes. Zayn, I love you so much...but I'm just not feeling the same way anymore. I think we should break up." I could see the pain in his eyes, although he held back the tears. He quickly managed to say "okay" and then walked out before the tears could escape. I sit on the bed with my head in my hands thinking, did I just make a big mistake?




*authors note*

Hey sorry this chapter was so short, just want to know if you think I should continue with it.

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