Who Do You Think You Are

Might possibly have somewhat mature thing but not that mature...but Lola had been going out with zayn for a while now, two years. But suddenly, she feels attracted to liam. DUN DUN DUN!!!!!


2. How Could You?

Zayn's P.O.V 

  I can't believe what just happened. I thought what Lola and I had was special. I guess not. I ran out of our room because honestly I didn't know what to do or think. I kept running until I got to the elevator and went down to Louis and Harry's room one floor below me. I walked up to their door and knocked. Harry answered. "hey Zayn, everything alright? You look upset." "no Harry, just about everything isn't alright. Lola broke up with me" "oh my gosh Zayn that's awful! Why'd she break up with you." "I honestly don't know...she said she just didn't feel the same. What a lame excuse" "yeah, well you can sleep here in the extra bed. Louis hasn't had to use it if you know what I'm saying" Harry said with a wink. Zayn chuckled to himself. He then started to get into the extra bed. Closing his eyes trying to forget all the pain, he fell asleep.    Lola's P.O.V   I know breaking up with Zayn probably wasn't the right answer, but I can't stop thinking about Liam. And it's a terrible thing to like someone else when your in a relationship so I had to! I decided I had to tell Liam how I felt, so I went out of my hotel room and walked next door to Liam's. I knocked on the door. "Liam it's Lola open up" about 5 seconds later he came to the door. "yes Lola? What's up?" "can we talk in private please?" "yeah sure thing come on in" Liam let me into his room and sat down on the couch. He then patted the other seat motioning for me to go sit by him. "so Lola, what did you want to talk about?" "okay, so I just broke up with Zayn, because I had been having feelings for somebody else" Liam scrunched up his forehead deep in confusion. "alright, so who is this somebody?" "Liam, its you." Liam stare d at me dead in the eye for what seemed like hours, until he started to lean in. What was he doing? Was he going to kiss me? Then he finished leaning in and pressed his lips up against mine. The kiss was sweet and gentle, it was...nice. I felt butterflies in my stomach. Pretty soon, he pulled away. I pouted and he chuckled. "Lola, I have liked you since the day Zayn introduced you to us." "are you serious Liam?" "dead serious Lola, I wouldn't lie about something like that." then Liam leaned in for another kiss. This time, more heated and needy. Let's just say...we were on the bed pretty quickly.    Zayn's P.O.V   I woke up from my nap thinking I was back in me and Lola's hotel room, but then I remembered she broke up with me. I knew I needed to get all of my stuff which I had been keeping in Liam's room to make space for Lola's things. So I walked out of the room and went to the elevator going back up to Liam's floor. I walked over to Liam's room. Room 320, 321, oh here it is, room 322. I knocked on the door. No answer. Huh thats weird, Liam always answers his door, I thought. I went ahead and took my spare key and opened the door. "Liam, you in here?" I asked. I got no reply so I kept walking in to get my stuff. I heard moaning and thought it was just my imagination. But then, I saw Liam and Lola getting it on! "OH MY FREAKING GOD!" I yelled. Liam and Lola quickly broke apart. "Zayn, oh my gosh I can explain" Liam said. "no, I don't think you can! I'm really disappointed in you. I thought you were my best friend." I said pointing at Liam. "I am Zayn!" "then why were you and Lola going at it? Huh?" "look Zayn" Lola said. "I know your probably really mad at Liam, but you should be mad at me too" "OH YOUR DARN RIGHT I AM!" "Zayn please quit yelling" Liam told him. "I CAN YELL IF I GOD DARN WANT TO!" "look Zayn, we aren't dating anymore. I have every right to be doing this" Lola said. "yes, I suppose you do but I still can't believe you. I'm not forgiving you for this." And with that I walked out before they could see me cry.    Liam's P.O.V   I cannot believe what I just did. But I had every right to. It's not like Zayn and Lola are dating anymore. I really like Lola and he knows that...I just hope he can forgive me. 
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