I Miss You..

When Kip's girlfriend gets killed in a horrible car accident will he learn to love someone else? Will he have to?


3. Why?

I had told my mom everything. About the engagement ring, about how I was going to have to make a speech, and how I was a pallbearer for Grace's casket. She was going to go to the funeral with me and that was going to be the first and last time she would see the ring. My mom had called Grace's a few minutes after she found out. I ran up to my room. I put the CD on that was already inside, not bothering to skip all the way to four, and letting the CD replay over and over. I pulled a drawer from my desk, tugging on the paper inside. When the paper slid onto the desk I looked for a pencil. The pencil eventually started skimming over the paper. I kept reading over the words written over and over. I wanted it to be perfect. I didn't want to leave a single aspect of Grace out. I wanted to tell everyone about her smile, her personality, her perfect imperfections, her everything. About how she was always so vibrant and lively. About her love for animals and children. About how she talked me and a few other people down from suicide a couple of times. About how she didn't care about what was on the outside, but about what was inside. Grace had a rough childhood, so she always wanted to help others. I wanted to tell them everything about her. I knew I couldn't, but I wanted to. I looked out of my window, glancing at the tree Grace and I had spent numerous afternoons in. Grace and I had been friends for over eleven years before we started dating, we were best friends since kindergarten. In middle school and the first year of high school, everyone said how cute of a couple we would make, but we just denied it and moved on. Until I asked her to be my girlfriend, well my exact words were, "Grace, will you be my everything?" I asked her that when we were in the tree that I was still looking at. I looked down at the paper, which was now three fourths filled with words. Reading over it I corrected a few mistakes and I felt my head drop and my eyes go black.


"Kip? Kip?! Wake up!" I could slightly hear my mother's voice, but I couldn't open my eyes no matter how hard I tried. I felt her put her hands around my arms and turn them to see if there was any blood. I felt a few tears fall onto all of the scars, and the newest scar, which was in the process of healing. The skin in my hand was punctured by my nails, and I could feel it, but I still couldn't wake up. I tried to open my mouth to tell her I was okay, but that wouldn't work either, my mouth wouldn't even open. My chest was slightly clenched, making it kind of hard to breath. What the hell happened? That was about the only thing I could think of. All of a sudden I heard an unfamiliar woman screaming, then nothing could be heard anymore, and I couldn't feel anything.


I heard some sobs and mumbles from a few people, I could also feel myself shivering. I tried to move my hand but I felt something under it, I was laying down. After fighting for a while I could finally open my eyes, but everything was blurry. I blinked a few times, and everything started clearing up. I recognized the room around me to be the hospital. I sighed and my mother turned to face me, along with Mrs.Anne. I started to breath heavily as my chest was not relieved. I looked to my right, seeing a bag of antibiotics hanging along on the rack. I looked up at the ceiling as they both came run up to me along with the doctor.

"Kip are you okay?" I nodded I still couldn't talk, but at least I could see and move.

"Why aren't you talking." I shrugged, then shook my head, 'No.'

"You can't talk? What's wrong with him doctor?"

"We don't know, but to be sure, Kip, did you take drugs?" I felt my eyes widen I shook my head violently.

"My son does NOT take drugs, and I am sure of that." I could hear my mother proclaim.

"The doctor is just doing his job Allie." Grace's mother's voice was softer.

I felt my eyes close and I fell asleep instantly. 

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