I Miss You..

When Kip's girlfriend gets killed in a horrible car accident will he learn to love someone else? Will he have to?


2. The Promise.

The rest of the week I was able to take off of school and it was all excused. Everyone knew how close Grace and I were, even the teachers and principals. My mom went to the school and collected my work. When she came back I had just finished making a sandwich. I hadn't eaten in almost three and a half days. I just wasn't hungry. All I did was sleep, think about Grace, and drink. Her funeral was going to be in two days, since it was Friday, but the wake was tomorrow. I had found out that the person who killed Grace was Charles. Even his girlfriend didn't get as many free days off. She only got one day off. My mother put the work I had missed on the island. It surprisingly wasn't that much work for a week, and I think some of the teachers had went easy on me. If so this was the only time someone had been nice to me at school, except for Grace, in all of the four years I had been there. I went up to my mom and kissed (I almost accidentally put kisseded O.o) the top of her head lightly since I was already about four and a half inches taller than her. 

"Thank you. For everything." I whispered, then backed up to the counter and got my work, bringing it up to my room. My mother had done absolutely everything she could for me for the past few days. My footsteps up the stairs echoed through the house. The wind from the door closing pushed my bangs into my eyes. I sighed, blowing the wind into my bangs to get them back in place. I placed the papers in my hand on the desk next to the radio. I still had the CD in from three days before. I pressed skip until it was on number four. It was the only song that I had listened to in the past few days. I pulled my chair up to my desk, flipping through the work. I laughed lightly seeing all of the answers filled out in the different teachers hand writings. I began looking it over as said on the last page. "You have to look it over though. - Mr. Grey" When my phone began buzzing. I looked at the name, now used to seeing it, "Grace's Mommy(:" I could still remember when she put that name. I instantly slid the 'accept' button.

"Kip?" I heard her soft voice.

"Yeah, it's me. What's up?" I asked, intently. Knowing the funeral was coming up.

"Well, I would like you to give a speech at the girl's funeral, knowing you were close to both of them. And I wanted to know if you know a song that could be played there. We already have Melody's favorite song, and we figured you knew Grace's." I laughed lightly, looking at my radio that was still on.

"My Guardian Angel, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus." My voice got serious after that. "And, Mrs. Anne?"

"Yes? What do you need love?" I was used to her calling me this, among many other nicknames.

"Well, I have something to show you. You're going to be the first person to see it. It was going to be for Grace." I smile at the floor, thinking of the box in my dresser.

"Okay. You can come by the house this afternoon and show me if you'd like."

"Perfect. See you later Mrs. A." My voice was back to its very slightly cheery one.

"See you later Kip." We both hung up. Getting off of my bed I wandered over to my dresser. I opened the last drawer, it was the one I had let Grace use when she had slept over. I looked through all of her clothes, a tear streamed down my face, but I stopped it from turning into full on streams. Finally finding the box. We were supposed to graduate in a month. I was going to give this to her on the night of our graduation. Now that I think about it, Grace never even got to go to prom, since they put it in the last week, before graduation. We were supposed to go together, she had even bought her dress and everything. I opened the box and saw what was inside of it. A few more tears fell as I looked at it. I had saved up for quite a while to get it. I took it out of the box and placed it on my palm. I smiled and looked at it, gripping it tighter in my hand. A couple more tears fell. They were cold on my arms, but burning on my wrist. I had put bracelets that I had on the wrist that I cut so my mom couldn't tell, but the tears still fell on the cut. I winced at the pain, moving the bracelets to see the cut. I couldn't tell if it was going to make a scar yet or not. I put it back into the box and put the box into my pocket. I put the bracelets back onto my wrist where the cut was. I got up from my kneeling position, standing up. I put my phone into the pocket opposite from the box. I felt the wind of the closing door mess with my hair, but I just hopped down the stairs, skipping two at a time.

"Mom, I have to go meet Mrs. Anne, to talk about the girl's funeral. I'll be back later." I walked up to her, wrapping my arms around her. I grabbed the keys of my red Camaro off of the ring in the kitchen. When I walked outside I, I unlocked the car. Getting in I put the keys in and turned them, the car roared to life. I backed up and pulled out onto the street, although I wasn't going to Mrs.A's house yet. I pulled off onto a trail, not used by many. I got out of the car, not bothering to lock the car that was behind me. I started running until I saw the shack that Grace and I spent our time in when we would skip school. Although I didn't go into it, I went on the side of it. I let my back push against the metal.

"I miss you Grace, I really do." Quite a few tears fell from my eyes. Out of the corner of my eye, I could make out her blue hair. I turned to face her, but she wasn't there. More tears fell. Although I couldn't see her, I heard her voice.

"I miss you too Kip." I smiled, but the tears kept flowing. It was complete torture not being able to see her anymore, especially this close to our anniversary. I couldn't take it anymore, so I left and ran to my car. I sat in my car, and that's all I did. I just sat there, letting some tears fall, but not all of it. After a while I looked at my phone to check the time, "Shit." I was running slightly late. The car roared to life once again. I turned onto the road on my way to Grace's house. Right as I made it back onto the main road, My Guardian Angel came on. I looked back at the trail to the shed, smiling. I drove to Grace's house, at a steady pace, knowing all the back-roads which had less traffic. When I got there Mrs Anne greeted me outside the door. Along with Grace and Melody's little brother, Jake. 

"Hey Jake, How's it going?" I asked, trying to keep my voice as it was before the accident. 

"Not so good. I haven't seen Melody of Gracie for a few days..." He trailed off. I rubbed his hair. "Watch the hair Kip!"

I laughed slightly then answered, "Well I talked to Gracie earlier and she told me that she loved you." I smiled at him. I knew he didn't know what happened to his older sisters yet. I turned to his mother and wrapped her up in a hug. I felt some tears fall onto my shoulder. I held her close to me for a little longer, so that her eyes could dry up before her son saw her crying.

"So, what did you have to show me?" She asked, unwrapping herself from my arms and drying her eyes. I pulled the box out, giving it to Mrs.Anne.

"I was going to give it to Grace, on the night of our graduation." I whispered, so that Jake couldn't hear as he started playing with some trucks. I smiled, starting to watch him. She opened the box and a tear fell, looking at it. Luckily Jake's back was to us. "I was going to show it to you in a couple of weeks, but since.. It, is coming up, I decided to show you now. I had to make it clear what 'it' was without Jake knowing. She pulled me into a hug. When she finally let go of me I chuckled slightly.

"You know we have to go... There.. And you can come with us and give it to them for her to wear." I had the biggest smile I had worn in a while on, at that moment. I nodded and kept smiling.

"When are you going?" I asked in almost a whisper.

"Well I was going to go when you left, but we can go now." She said with a smile.

"What are you going to do with Jake?" I whispered.

"We were going to bring him to my sister's house, and tell him I was going eat."

"Alright, I'll call my mom and tell her." She nodded and went over to Jake, to tell him to get his things ready, most likely. Wandering off to the kitchen, I called her. I waited for my mother to answer her phone for a few seconds before I actually heard her voice.


"Yeah. Mrs.Anne wanted to know if I could would go with her to the funeral home today to get some stuff done."

"Of course." She said, I could hear the T.V. in the background, she was probably in the living room. 

"Thank you, again." I smiled, knowing she couldn't see it. She didn't know how much it meant to me. When I got back to the living room, Mrs.A had already helped Jake get his things packed. He wasn't going to stay there for a while, but his aunt didn't have kids, so she didn't have anything for him to play with. Meaning he wanted to bring everything with him. I laughed and helped him bring his three bags of toys to the car. We put the three bags into the trunk of the car. The entire ride there Jake kept asking, 'Are we there yet?' or, 'Are we almost there?'.  Jake's mother and I took turns telling him 'No, but we are getting closer.' To either of his questions. Once we actually did make it to Mrs.Anne's sister's house, Jake had a beaming smile like his sister's on. We all talked for a while before Mrs.A and I went back to the car. During the ride we made a little small talk and a few conversations. 

"So you were going to give her that after your graduation?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows. 

"Yeah, but I wouldn't have made the next step for the next couple of years." I shrug.

"You guys were always so perfect together." We both smiled at that. I looked out of the window, the sun was setting and it was around six in the afternoon. When we were about to get out of the car, number four on my CD started playing on the radio. (It actually came on right as I was typing this.. O.o)

"This was her favorite song, as well as mine." I say, gesturing to the radio. 

"This is the song you were talking about?" She asked, sitting back in her seat she was almost out of.

"Yeah, its My Guardian Angel, by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus."

"It's a really sweet song." She said, about half way through the song. She started getting up and turned the car off, I got out  as well. I put my hands in my pocket. The tips of my fingers rubbed against the box. I kept rubbing my fingers against it as we walked to the 'employees only' section of the funeral home. There were quite a few bodies all around us. Although there wasn't any stench, as they put a chemical in the bodies to prevent it. I looked around until I saw her blue hair. I broke down in tears like I did the night of the accident. I could feel my face turning white, whiter than ever. I showed the box to the manager and all I could do was point to her body. Although she had been hit hard on her side, she looked fine. As if she could just come back at any moment in time. After my eyes cleared up I walked up to Grace's body. I felt her mother's hand on my shoulder. When I got closer I could feel another hand on the shoulder opposite of Mrs.A's. I looked over my shoulder to see Grace's blue hair. I dropped the box, as if it were the phone on the night of the accident. It popped open. 

"Kip, what is it?" Her mother asked.

"Nothing, it's nothing." I bent down and picked the box up.

"Are you sure? You turned really white." She asked, her face full of concern.

"Im fine, I promise." She nodded, although she still looked quite concerned. When I picked it up I could hear Grace's voice behind me.

"Were you going to give that to me?" Her voice was full of shock and happiness. I smiled and nodded discretely. "Oh it's beautiful Kip." I could feel her arms wrap around my waist from behind like I had done to her many times. She put her head on my shoulder as I slid the ring onto her cold finger.

"When were you going to give it to me?" I could hear her voice going hoarse. I looked slightly over my shoulder to see tears flowing down her cheeks.

"The night of our graduation." I whispered, hoping Grace would hear, but not her mother. She wrapped her ghostly arms around me tighter. 

"I love you Grace." To me I was saying it to her, to her mother, I was just saying it, hoping she would hear me up there.

"I love you too Kip." I heard her say before pressing her lips lightly against mine. "I have to go now, goodbye." She said after looking over her shoulder.Once again I nodded very slightly. 

"She loved you too, Kip." Her mother chimed in. 

"I know she did." I smiled, looking over to where Grace was, she was gone now.

"Tell my mom that you saw me, she knows I saw Kevin, she believed me. Tell her that I love her and do the same to Jake."I could just barely make out what Grace had said. I smile and nod while Mrs.Anne says her goodbyes to both Melody and Grace. I walked over to Melody's casket, smiling seeing her in the same condition as Grace, appearing perfectly fine. I said my final goodbyes to both Melody and Grace until I would see them again. I looked back into Grace's casket seeing the ring I had bought her matching perfectly with the promise ring I had given her on our one year anniversary. The engagement ring I was going to give to her on the night of our graduation. I knew it was still kind of soon for it, but I wasn't hoping for a next day wedding. We were most likely going to wait at least another year before getting married.

"I promise, I'll always love you Grace." I muttered, mostly to myself before turning back to her mother. We hugged each other before walking out of the room with misty eyes.

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