I Miss You..

When Kip's girlfriend gets killed in a horrible car accident will he learn to love someone else? Will he have to?


4. I Will Go.

When I awoke, it was later that afternoon. All of my functions were restored, it finally felt good to talk, and it still probably didn't feel as good as it should have. My mother was on the side of me and Mrs.Anne was on the other side of me.

"Mom?" She looked relieved.

"What? What do you need Hun?" She looked quite concern, which wasn't surprising.

"Can you get my paper off of my desk in my room?" I looked at her, turning my head to her.

"Of course, what is it for?" She asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"The funeral." I frowned, then looked out of the window.

"If you aren't feeling well enough you don't have to go, Kip." I heard her voice from the opposite side of the bed.

"I want to go, and I will go." I looked over at the other woman's face. "I don't care if they tell me I'm not well enough to leave, I will." My jaw clenched and I looked up at the roof. I would have died for Grace and there was NO way I was not going to her damn funeral because I was going to black out again. I would happily have been in the car where she was, I don't care that I would have died. I felt a tear roll down my cheek and I looked to my left, seeing there was one going down the side of Mrs.Anne's as well.  I smiled slightly, wiping it. My mother also had tears sliding down her face, ever so slowly. They knew what I was thinking, and they knew it was true. My mother grabbed some tissue, wiping her eyes, then gathered her things, the door closing behind her.

"Then there were two." I could hear Mrs.A's voice from the side of the room. I tried to smile, actually succeeding at it this time.

"Ever since that night your smile has never been the same.." She trailed off.

"Neither has your's."  I shrug thinking about it, "The girls were the only cause of mine, besides you, my mother, and  Jake." I shrug again and stare out of the window.

"Mine too, trust me."  I could tell that her eyes were watering up again from her sniffles and by the sight of a tissue sliding across her eye.   I wrapped my arms around her the best I could with out pulling a needle out.

"We are going to get through this together. Just know that Grace and Melody loved you beyond words." I smiled, then felt the water splashing onto my shoulder.

"I.. I.. I know they did, I just, I want them to be here with us." She sobbed.

"I know, I wish they were here too, but nothing is going to change the past." I was shocked by my own sudden wisdom and my eyes started tearing up thinking about Grace.

"Hey, I got an idea." I said, I let go of Mrs. A, then sat up slowly, Mrs.A straightened herself out.

"What?" She asked, wiping her eyes.

"How about I try to talk to Grace." I said, looking around the room, hoping she would appear.

"You can do that?!" She asked, astounded.

"Yes, I have talked to her before, and seen her. Like she saw Kevin." I said, then looked down at my hands.

"How do you... Umm.. Summon her?" She asked, I could tell she was looking at me with desperation.

"They usually just come to me." I said, trying not to disappoint her.

"Well, do you think she will come?" She asked hopefully.

"I hope so." I said then looked around the room, praying that all of a sudden a girl would appear in the room with a beaming smile and bright blue hair, conveying messages through me to her mother. I waited, and hoped, until I was on the point of giving up. 

"Did she come?" Her mother's voice was shaken yet hopeful.

"N-" All of a sudden the blue haired girl appeared on the edge of my bed. "Grace." I said, smiling at the end of my bed.

"She's here?!" Her mother was ecstatic, you could tell in her voice. I looked back at her, my smile beaming like Grace's. 

"Yeah. She's right there." I said, pointing to the spot she was sitting on.

"Grace, I miss you and your sister so much. To the point where it is almost unbearable." I could tell she was starting to tear up, I placed my hand to her cheek, wiping the tears away.

"Tell her that she has to stay strong, and that things will get better in time, and that someday sh- she- she will see us again." I could tell that Grace was starting to get teary eyed as well. I conveyed the message and hugged Mrs.A as she began crying once again. 

"Kip, why are you in the hospital?" Grace asked, looking at the surroundings.

"Umm.. I don't know, I just blacked out a few times. It's nothing." I said, with a shrug.

"No, it's not 'nothing'. Did they at least say what was wrong with you?" Grace's voice rung out.

"No..... No they didn't." I said shaking my head then looking out of the window that was on the left side of the room.

"They didn't what?" Mrs. Anne asked.

"They didn't say what was wrong with me." I said, glancing over to her.

"Oh! Did you tell her about the ring?" She questioned.

"Well, yeah, she saw it too. She was with us at the funeral home." I said with a small chuckle.

"Really? Did she like it? Would she have accepted?" I laughed at all of her questions and so did Grace.

"Yeah.. She loved it.. And I'm pretty sure she would have said yes... Right?" I asked, looking at Grace, who was beaming like usual.

"Of course I would have said yes babe." She said, causing me to return her smile.

She looked around the room once more, "I have to go. I love both of you." Grace said, her eyes beginning to tear up. She kissed me, and wished me to get better soon. Then hugged her mom and kissed her cheek, which Mrs.A felt. Then she was gone, just like the times before.

"So she's gone?" Mrs.A's voice was heard from the side of me.

"Yeah. She's gone." I felt my eyes starting to water. What if that was the last time I would see her alive? I wanted to be with her, and not just have to see her once every now and then. I wanted her to be by my side, I wanted us to get married, and get a house together. And now none of that was going to happen, because of some asshole who couldn't get a cab or something. I hated people who did things like that so much. I felt my fist clenching as I blacked out once again.

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