This is Me

1D fanfic-FAKE-1D and their girlfriends are in college,and so is a new student,Karter Cameron. See what happens when things begin to change.


10. Woah

Harry pulled me into a room. The room that he and Louis share. Room 73. 5 rooms away from mine. He shut the door and pulled me onto a bed,and on-top of him. I knew I liked him. I just couldn't tell anyone. "I've liked you for a while Karter." He says,pulling the braid out of my hair. "I-I like you too." I whisper. I was shocked. I've never had ca boyfriend,so this was all new to me. He Slowly slips a hand under my sweatshirt,and starts tracing my spine. Then,without warning,he kisses me. We sat there,kissing for a little while,and Harry,is a sneaky guy. He had both hands under my sweatshirt,his shirt unbuttoned,and my socks were off. I hadn't noticed him do any of these things.Harry slipped off his shirt,and pulled me back on-top of him. "You're very light." He said,I could notice his British accent very easily. "And you have braces." I blushed as he said that,for I have NEVER smiled at him. "I found that out when I kissed you." He winked.He pulled me into another kiss. I started to think,I don't really know him,we never talk,and he's making out with me. I was scared that he was going to try to go all the way. Then,I realized,he was drunk. I could smell the alcohol,and I remember hearing him talk to Niall about going to a bar. But still,Woah. He's a hot guy,and out of every girl in this school,he picked me. But then again,HES DRUNK. I was about to pull away,when I heard the door open. Louis. He whistled. "Harry and Karter. Never saw this coming." He winked,I blushed,got up,and ran over to Louis. I pulled him out of the room and left Harry alone. "He's drunk. I don't think he knows this is happening. What do I do?!" Louis laughed. "Just go back to your place,he probably won't remember this tomorrow anyway."

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